Vapor Zone vs Mount Baker

Vapor Zone is known for its six starter kits and 30,000+ flavors of e-liquid. Mount Baker Vapor enjoys a loyal following from fans of their low-priced e-cig equipment and seriously inexpensive e-liquids. Who would win if they were competing directly? Let’s take a look specifically at their juices.

Vapor Zone

It’s true: Vapor Zone can make about 30,000 types of e-liquid by blending the basic types into pairs or trios of flavors. Mix marshmallow with almond and raspberry, or peach with Amaretto and chocolate.

Vapor Zone E Cig Juice

Vapor Zone sells their juices in bottles of 30mls for $14.99: that’s your only choice barring a sample pack. Nicotine choices climb the scale to 36mg. Some of their flavors are pomegranate, guava, double Espresso, and Havana rum. Tobacco types include American Red and Sahara Gold.

Mount Baker Vapor

The situation is a little different at Mount Baker Vapor. The 193 flavors sold on their site go up to 36mg of nicotine, same as Vapor Zone, and you can buy a 30ml bottle. Theirs costs $7.49, which is almost half the price. A 15ml bottle costs $4.99, making it the most affordable American-made e-juice around. 50ml and 236ml bottles are also sold.

Mt Baker Vapor E Juice

Mount Baker Vapor doesn’t offer flavor blending. Apart from selecting nicotine, you can also choose the strength of your flavor and a ratio of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin (100% PG to a maximum VG containing some PG). Instead of creating blends on site, Mount Baker Vapor offers you an alternative: blend your own e-liquid. They supply DIY equipment and flavors. A 15ml bottle of flavoring is priced $2.99.

Mount Baker Vapor has added a juice color scale to each page showing how dark or light it should look, one being lightest, five being darkest. Toasted Almond is a “3,” T Razz is rated a “1,” and Whipped Cream is a light “2.”

One nice extra feature here is that juices known to crack tanks are listed separately. If you use a plastic tank, stop by and ensure it doesn’t die prematurely.

Who’s Best?

Who wins this competition? That’s tough to say. Vapor Zone runs shops where you can try flavors before buying them; Mount Baker Vapor sells stuff online only. They don’t have the flavor customization option of Vapor Zone, but you can make your own. Vapor Zone takes the work out of creating unique blends.

Vapor Zone takes pains to list all ingredients below each product. Mount Baker Vapor lists details about ingredients on the site, but you have to go looking. Their pricing and selection, though, are winners.