Vapor Zone vs Vapor Shark

How do Vapor Zone and Vapor Shark compare when they square up against each other? The two of them compete for vapers in the state of Florida, plus customers around the country visiting online. Which one would you shop with? With the dark Vapor Shark screen against a light Vapor Zone web page, this is virtually a contest of black versus white.

Vapor Zone in Brief

With six starter kits following a consumer’s natural vaping progression, Vapor Zone caters to a wide audience and variety of skill levels. They have a cigalike called the Express, a Rebel for experienced vapers, and e-cigs in between at various price points. Each device comes as part of a starter kit. Only the Pro is available in various colors, though the Air comes in white or black.

Though Vapor Zone could be accused of lacking color overall, they lack nothing in design terms. Many reviews point out the forward-thinking, almost sci-fi style of their shapes, especially the Rebel and the Pulse.

Vapor Zone runs many shops in Florida with more coming. They also sell loads of juice flavors costing $14.99 for 30mls. Besides the ones listed, you can buy custom-made juice featuring up to 3 flavors.

A Summary of Vapor Shark

Vapor Shark carries its own products and also a few from other vendors. You could buy a Fusion starter kit with 900mAh batteries or a mechanical mod from EHPro or HCigar. Their own Vapor Shark DNA costs $169.99 with 30watts and a maximum 10amp output. The battery hosts 1200mAh of power while resistance goes as low as 0.5ohms. Mod users often want that kind of low resistance in a device but they might resent the ugliness of this box.

The smallest item on their list is a Minnow: slim, with 320mAh, costing $38.99. Most devices at Vapor Shark come in various colors.


Vapor Shark and Vapor Zone both focus on vapers who have left cigalikes behind. The Express from Vapor Zone is a concession, but the other five devices are all for level two and beyond. Vapor Shark does not even carry a cigalike. Juices cost the same amount: $14.99 for 30mls, but with a $9.99 15ml option at Vapor Shark. Both companies run several brick-and-mortar stores.


Each Vapor Zone device is unique. The shape of an Air, for instance, is different from any other 350mAh device, while a Minnow resembles every other skinny pen. For less money, however, your Vapor Shark package comes with e-juice. There’s no mention of replacement atomizers as you find with the Air.

A Minnow utilizes super-simple magnetic charging. Fusion and Glass kits come with one or two batteries and are straightforward pens with 900mAh power each. The Fusion pen offers you USB pass-through power and an atomizer with two separate coils.

I would love a bit more information from both companies on their product descriptions, though most are geared more towards advanced vapers. At least it seems that Vapor Shark connectors are compatible with some other devices. The Minnow connects to other 808-threaded tanks: not as common as 510s, but an Air battery won’t work with anything besides an Air tank.