Best Tobacco E-Cigarette Juice

Here’s a couple of our top picks for the best tobacco flavored electronic cigarette juices.

First off, if you are new, flavored cartridges (cartomizers) are the same, as in they all have e-juice in them, and are pre-filled for you, though you can’t buy cartomizers and e-liquid from every brand.

V2 RedOur top pick for tobacco flavor, which we also nominate for our top pick that is closest to an actual cigarette is V2 Red.

You can buy this as a disposable, a rechargeable, or you can buy the V2 Red e-juice all from their site:

Now, as with anything else (food, booze, and real cigarettes), everyone has their own taste, and it is worth trying out a couple. It is like arguing that Camel is better than Winston.

If you want to explore a couple, we’d recommend trying a disposable from:

South Beach Smoke at

Green Smoke at

Bull Smoke at

For E-Liquid

Check out the tobacco sampler at, which comes with 6 flavors to try.

Between those, you should find at least one you enjoy.