Green Smoke Vanilla

Another great exotic flavor by Green Smoke is Vanilla.  Vanilla is one of the most popular flavors outside of tobacco and menthol according to Customer Service at Green Smoke.

Green Smoke VanillaWhat does it taste like, exactly?

We’ve come to the consensus that it’s a sweet flavor with vanilla hazelnut overtones, with a subtle hint of coconut.  If you like the “white chocolate” flavor, you’ll absolutely love this.

It’s a nice treat in the morning with a coffee heavy on the cream.  For those of you who like to load up the coffee with all the exotic creamers, try one of these as you read the paper and sip on that java, it’s really a nice accent.

Vanilla is a solid choice for anyone looking for something with some sweetness.

You can buy the Green Smoke Vanilla flavor in 0 – 2.4% nicotine pre-filled cartridges right on their site