Which Electronic Cigarette Tastes Like Marlboro Lights?

Of all the e-cigarettes we have tried and tested, there is one that reminds us of the Marlboro Light flavor.

#1 – Of course this will be a matter of taste, as this is a bit like describing a beer, but that being said, we nominate Cigavette as our top pick for an e-cig that is closest to a Marlboro Light, as it is a good e-cig, just a rather subtle flavor.

#2 – Our runner up is the V2 Cigs Congress Flavor (available online at http://v2cigs.com)

Cigavette has a couple starter packs that are affordable, for $24.95 that we would recommend checking out.

Cigavette Starter Packs

Don’t mistake the subtle flavor for weak though, as you can order varying nicotine strengths, up to 24 mg, so be sure to check that out if you try out a Cigavette product. They als have light, ultra light and zero nicotine.

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Their website: http://cigavette.com

They also have disposables that you can try out for $7: