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“Tobacco with Distinction.”  That’s how the website at V2Cigs.com starts off when discussing this tobacco flavor.

V2 Cigs Congress FlavorA refined tobacco taste, this is really geared for user’s of Parliament cigarettes.  We totally agree with that assessment as this is the flavor that one of our long-time friends just loves.

As a pack-per-day smoker of Parliaments, he stopped using those basically overnight once he got his hands on the Congress flavor by V2 Cigs.

As someone who had tried about every e-cigarette brand and really shunned the idea of vapor smoking before trying the Congress, this is a very bold statement and a testament to how “spot on” V2 got it with their refined tobacco flavor.

Available in all strengths from 0 to 2.4% nicotine, this cartridge has a flavor profile similar to:  Parliament®, Marlboro® Lights, Viceroy®, Benson & Hedges®, Kent®3, Merit®, and L & M®. So, if you use (or used) any of those brands, this should be a selection you will really enjoy.

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