V2 Grape Review | V2 Cigs E Cigarette Liquids

The V2 Grape flavor is described by one of our friends as “just like a Grape Jolly Rancher.” That statement could not be closer to the truth.

V2 Cigs Grape FlavorThe cartridge is packed with juicy grape goodness, and it’s one of our favorite specialty flavors in the whole wide world of e-cigs.

Wrapped with a Minnesota Viking purple color wrapper, this is a sweet and juicy flavor that like the V2 Cola, was introduced as a limited edition product but was enjoyed so much by not only customers, but the V2 Cigs staff, that they kept it around as a full fledged member of the V2 Cigs cartridge flavors.

The V2 Grape flavor is offered in ranges of nicotine from 0% all the way to 1.8%.

You can only get the Grape online at V2Cigs.com

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