V2 Mint Tea

V2 Cigs has been hard at work in the e-juice lab.  This time, they have released what they call “Mint Tea.”  It’s quickly become one of our favorite flavors of exotic cartridges offered by V2Cigs.com.

V2 Cigs Mint TeaA combination of fresh mint and green tea, this has become a nice deviation that won us over right away.

This flavor was once just a seasonal release, but it did so well with their customer base that they decided to add it to the full roster of cartridge flavors offered!

Available in all nicotine levels, from 0 to 2.4%, this is a must try flavor and a wildly popular offer by V2Cigs.

This flavor can be found with a spring green wrapper and it’s only available at V2Cigs.com Official Website.

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