V2 Red

V2 Cigs is America’s most popular e-cigarette brand, and with good reason.

The most popular flavor they sell is the V2 Red.

V2 Red 18This was called “Cowboy” in the past, but the company was sent an infamous letter from Phillip Morris, who felt their intellectual property rights were infringed on with the whole western angle and use of cowboy images, so they agreed to change it to simply V2 Red.

When you purchase pre-filled cartridges from V2Cigs.com, there is no need for maintenance or cleaning the cartomizer. Each one comes pre-filled, as mentioned, and you simply twist on the cartridge to the e-cigarette battery.

This is the most simple way to get started smoking electronic cigarettes, and it’s by far the most popular.

For tobacco users who enjoy the Marlboro brand, this is the flavor of cartridge we recommend you try out.

You can get it at V2Cigs.com

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