Vapor Couture Passion Fruit | E Cigarette Liquids

I just had the pleasure of trying Vapor Couture’s ‘Passion Fruit’ Flavor (in a 1.2% nicotine strength).

This flavor is manufactured exclusively for Vapor Couture, and I see why. It has the most delightfully fruity and refreshing note. It is very smooth, and not over-whelming. When you ‘vape’ on Vapor Couture’s Passion fruit flavor, it is not artificial tasting at all, and has a nice, smooth after taste as you exhale.

Passion Fruit cartridges are available from Vapor Couture in the following Nicotine strengths: 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%. They also come in multiple finishes, to suit any taste, including: Brushed Platinum, Rose Gold, Deep Purple, And VC’s White Signature Pattern.