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If VaporFi is famous for anything, it is probably the controversial Superbowl ad which referred to their massive selection of e-liquid flavors. Believe it or not, with a huge number of single flavors at their disposal, creative customers could concoct more than 30,000 different blends and might yet be coming up with unique ones.

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Vapor Zone ProductsVaporFi’s e Liquid

E liquid is useful if you use a blank cartomizer or tank.

All of the six types of electronic cigarettes made and sold by VaporFi  can be used with e-cig tanks, even the Express.

Pictured here are their 5 advanced vaporizers.

There are several advantages:

One is that by using bottles of juice, you create less waste than when you attach a new pre-filled cartomizer to your battery. The second is that e liquid is cheaper than cartomizers per volume. Thirdly, you get lots more choice of flavors than is currently available in pre-filled form, even at VaporFi.

They sell just five flavors of pre-filled cartomizers, but a choice of 30ml bottle for $14.99 is much better value than a five-pack of cartridges for the same price anyway, and you don’t have to re-load as often.

VaporZone E-Liquid

Types of Vapor Zone e Liquid

Vapor Zone divides its liquids into several categories. They are tobacco, menthol, dessert, fruit, and other styles. Customers can also look at Top Blends: flavors that are especially popular.

Examples of flavors on their current list are Blueberry Blast, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cola Blast, and Sahara Gold Tobacco. With Custom Blending, all you have to do is indicate your nicotine level and number of flavors, up to three of them. Nicotine is available as high as 3.6%.

Check Out Their E-Juice Sampler To Try A Couple Flavors:

Vaporfi e liquid sampler

More about the Juice

Can you trust Vapor Zone e liquid?

All of their juice is made in the United States. It is created in an FDA-registered lab. All formulas are also FDA-registered. Flavorings have to meet a certain standard to be worthy of adding to food, but Vapor Zone flavorings are even better and are even Kosher grade by USP standards.

The glycerin they use comes from the Malaysian Palm because of its quality, which is also reassuring to those with peanut allergies. There is no cause for alarm here. Vapor Zone bottles are marked with lot numbers.

If there is a hint of trouble with your juice, let the company know not just the flavor you ordered but also the lot number. They can trace problems right back to a specific batch.

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