Electronic Cigarette Reviews – Best E-Cig Brands Of 2016

Here’s our picks for the best e-cigarette brands of 2016. Our team reviews each electronic cigarette product extensively, comparing them to each other, and we hope we’ve made your search for the best product for you as simple and straight forward as possible.

Further on we also cover our picks for the best tank systems for anyone looking up more advanced devices (such as your basic eGo style battery) to take their vaping to the next level.

New to this?

If you aren’t sure what the heck an eGo or advanced device is, don’t worry, just grab one of our top recommendations for now on this chart (either a disposable or a starter kit – we would recommend a starter kit as it will contain all you need), to just find one what you like.

Those bigger machines that you’ve probably seen in articles on electronic cigarettes are typically what people get into later on, but initially when checking out vapor cigarettes, and seeking an alternative for tobacco cigarettes, we’d recommend a standard e-cig that looks like an actual cigarette in the size, since most people are looking for something similar to the real thing at first.


Hover your mouse pointer over our e-cigs & vapor 101 page on the menu tab up top, and you’ll see the drop down menu where we tried to answer all the questions we think you’ll have about electronic cigarettes.

If you have a question we didn’t answer, please leave us a comment, and we’ll do our best to answer it!

Here are some of the electronic cigarette brands we’ve reviewed here at ecigsandcoupons.com:

Electronic Cigarette Brands


We’ve reviewed a TON of e-cigarette brands and e-tailers, and a couple of them stand out for us.

If you are looking for a more advanced vaping device, you will want to check out the brand VaporFi. These guys have a sick selection of eGo-style and variable voltage batteries, and and incredible selection of e-juice, with way over 20,000 possible flavor mixes with their customizable blends.

They also have what are called cigalikes, which are about the size of real tobacco cigarettes, and what most people start with when they switch to vapor from tobacco cigarettes. They basically have something for everyone at all levels.

Visit them at http://vaporfi.com

and if you want to save cash on your purchase, use our Vapor Fi discount here.


Distinguished among all standard sized e-cigs (cigalikes) is the well-known brand V2 as we love their flavors, and they too are coming out with a more advanced line of devices, which they named their Pro Series.

First and foremost we love their flavors, especially their red flavor for you Marlboro smokers. They have a nice flavor selection (not too many), and we enjoy most all of their flavors, including menthol, chocolate, coffee and things like their special or seasonal flavors such as pumpkin spice or cola.

This the the brand we highly recommend, especially for someone new to or just considering electronic cigarettes, as they are our pick to the closest to the real thing. And for anyone looking to try another brand, check ’em out. They have some awesome extras, such as e-liquid to refill your own cartridges, mini tanks, and the EX batteries are perfect if you want a more powerful battery.

Official Website: http://v2cigs.com

Use one of our V2 Cigs coupons here for all purchases and save some money!


V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - best ecigs worldwide

You can’t go wrong with either of these two companies. Look over to the right for more of our electronic cigarette reviews, as well as vape shops.


Our Favorite Aspects From Our Top Picks Of Smokeless Cigs:

The smokeless cigarette industry is booming, and with so many brands, there are tons of different opinions about which are the best electric cigarettes.

Here are the best features of our picks for top e-cigs, and honestly, if you select any of these, you can’t go wrong.

These recommendations are for analogue style mini cigs, which resemble an actual cigarette in size and shape, which is a great place to start with e-cigs!

Best Marlboro Inspired Tobacco Flavor:

V2 Cigs – Their site: http://v2cigs.com

Looking for something like the real thing? Give V2 a try, especially their red flavor!

Use one of our V2 coupons here and save some money on your purchase!

Halo Cigs also has an excellent line up of tobacco flavors (check out their tobacco flavor sampler!)

Their site: http://halocigs.com

Best Menthol Flavor

For a great menthol tasting vapor cig, South Beach Smoke is your friend.

Their site: http://southbeachsmoke.com

(Runner up for best menthol: GreenSmoke.com)

Longest Mini Cig Battery Life:

South Beach Smoke – Their site: http://southbeachsmoke.com

Use our South Beach discount here for purchases!

Thickest Vapor:

Green Smoke – Their site: http://greensmoke.com

Use one of our Green Smoke coupons here and save money!


Bull Smoke – Their site: http://bullsmoke.com

The best price just got better – use the Bull Smoke coupon here!

If you like savings, bookmark our electronic cigarette coupons page here for future purchases.

A Look At The Vaping Industry’s Top Level Competition

Why do certain e cig brands stay on top while others languish near the bottom of a growing pack? What helps a brand to nudge its way past some excellent competition to join the top 5 of cigalike labels rather than taking places 10 to 6? We’ll look at the very best electronic cigarettes Americans have to choose from right here. None of the names is surprising. All of them are brands with huge followings and big reputations.

The Top 5

That list changes periodically and you might want to make a substitution or two, but it is a close race. South Beach Smoke, Vaporfi, V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, and Eversmoke have remained solid, popular names recommended by vapers to their friends for very good reasons.

Build Quality

Each of the aforementioned five brands is known for producing a solid product. It doesn’t feel flimsy in the hand, like dropping it would be “game over.” They are all made with high-grade alloys which can take a beating, so they fit with everyday activities be they professional or pleasurable; indoor or outdoor. Every single cigalike noted here is a 2-piece device. Yes, there are some 3-piece electronic cigarettes still out there.

Vapor Ratings

No one’s kidding himself here: mini cigs are not vapor chasing devices. To achieve huge clouds you need to upgrade. But for the meantime, the vapor produced by mini cigs by the companies above is pretty decent.

There is also the opportunity to adopt a higher-powered system with three of the five: South Beach Smoke, Vaporfi, and V2 Cigs. They make alternative products. Vaporfi and South Beach Smoke (sister companies) are particularly accommodating in this respect.

South Beach Smoke offers 4 vaporizers of various styles. Vaporfi sells everything from an EVOD-style Pro to the variable watt VOX II plus a couple herbal vaporizers, so customers become more experienced and adapt their style with the company.


Green Smoke’s flavor selection is among the e-cig industry’s smallest menus, but it’s also rated highly for freshness and richness. Some people would say their tobacco is also the most authentic-tasting. Along with Eversmoke, they are among the few companies still carrying only cigalikes and refilled cartridges, not blank cartridges and e liquid.

Vaporfi, V2 Cigs, and South Beach Smoke offer both choices: e liquid and pre-filled products. Vaporfi’s price for 5-packs is high and the menu is limited to 5 choices, but they and South Beach Smoke carry a huge range of customizable, inexpensive e liquid varieties. V2 Cigs is doing alright in that department. Vaporfi and South Beach Smoke sell American-made e juice.

That doesn’t appear to be the case with V2 Cigs, whose selection of pre-filled flavors is pretty good at 12 (the same for their e liquids). The biggest range of cartomizer styles comes from South Beach Smoke with 16.

Starter Kits

The various brands have been jockeying for position in this regard by adjusting the prices of starter kits. Green Smoke slashed prices to such an extent that they are now among the most affordable whereas one used to pay high prices for their considerable quality.

V2 Cigs offers several kits in the Classic or EX cigalike format as do Green Smoke, Eversmoke, and V2 Cigs. Vaporfi’s choices span several models but there is usually one kit option for each model.


Reviews are always mixed; you will never satisfy every vaper who comes along or make a convert out of every smoker. Still, when it comes to customer service, the five companies mentioned above are notably good at it. They provide multiple ways to get in touch including live chat, email, and telephone. Agents handle complaints in such a way that they win the enduring loyalty of vapers who called up intending to say their farewells and switch brands.

 Advanced E Cigs

If you want an advanced e-cig, such as a variable voltage battery or tank system, look no further than Vapor Fi.

Pictured here:

Vaporzone Ecigs



Their selection and quality is pristine, and we feel there’s no competition here!

Their site: http://vaporfi.com

Use our VaporFi discount here for all hardware!


Best E Cig Tank Systems

Taking things to the next level and looking for the top tank systems out there?



See Our Picks For The Best E-Cig Juice Here


Electronic Cigarettes

There are tons of review sites exploding on the internet, just as this industry is exploding, and we decided to try to keep this list pertinent, and to the point.

E cig reviews feature several areas important to e smokers. They touch on information to new customers (people who have switched from traditional smokes), cartridges and flavors, batteries, style, and starter kits.

There are usually accessories to look through as well, but these are the basics. Each company has its own gimmick, and it helps to be able to distinguish what those gimmicks are before starting.

That being said, there are some definite distinguishing factors with certain brands, especially things like taste, closely followed by aspects such as battery life, functionality, as well as aesthetics.

How can you go from smoking traditional cigarettes to smoking an e-cigarette and know which brand to select? Not long ago there were just a few choices and now there are several. The following are some tips for choosing the best e cigarettes for your taste and expectations.

Start out with Disposables

This might sound like an environmentally unfriendly suggestion, but perhaps the best, thriftiest way to select an electronic cigarette brand is to purchase an assortment of disposable e cigs. Most manufacturers make them. They come in singles or packs, but the single is probably what you want.


V2 Cigs Disposable

These cigs are exactly the same as rechargeable, reusable cigarettes except that they are ready to use. A battery and flavor/nicotine cartridge is already included. Once the cigarette is finished you throw it away.

The only other way to enjoy this kind of variety with minimal outlay is to ask friends who smoke e cigs if you can try theirs. Disposable e-cigs typically last as long as a couple of packs of regular cigarettes. Sharing a puff or two is not a lot to ask.

Battery Life

Maybe the flavors of several cigs are much the same. They feel the same between your fingers and work in the same way. What else can you look for? Consider battery life.

Rechargeable batteries can last a year or more each, but some hold their charge longer than others. Also, certain brands of electronic smokes sell long-life super-charged batteries which provide even more power for longer periods between charging.

There is a direct correlation between battery size and power. Certain brands are designed to look heftier. They last longer too. Sometimes a slimmer version of a battery is marketed for a female audience, and these products are less powerful than standard-sized batteries.

As a rule of thumb, the larger and thicker the battery of your e-cigarette is, the more powerful it’s vapor will be  and the longer it will be able to be used between charges.  

In case you are unclear about where the battery goes, the entire bottom portion of your e cig is a battery. The top part carries the cartridge, atomizer, and mouth piece.

Cigarette Style

Ordinary cigarettes pose numerous disadvantages, one of them being their complete lack of flair compared with some e cig brands. A number of brands are notable for perpetuating the old-fashioned appearance of roll-ups with their choices of yellow, white, and orange.


Vapor Couture Batteries

Others distinguish themselves by adding color to black items, or going further to make their batteries and upper cig portions bright colored sticks of shiny loveliness. Shades like yellow-jacket, lime, emerald, pink, deep purple, and champagne might make you wonder why someone did not come up with these devices earlier.

With these trendy varieties is also the opportunity to mix colors. Top and bottom portions screw together, so you can add a purple battery to a champagne top. Buy an assortment and play around.

In Favor of Flavor

Over-the-counter cigarettes with their various deathly toxins delivered only one smell — yuck. While manufacturers tried to mask the smell and flavor by choosing different types of tobacco or adding menthol, there was no way to disguise the nasty aroma or the power of a second-hand cloud to result in coughing and gagging from the uninitiated.

Electronic smoking is another affair entirely. The toxins are supposedly gone. At least the white puff of vapor looks clean and smells good. Now you can taste and smell tobacco, menthol, or a gourmet flavor unheard of before. You could never have enjoyed specialist selections as a smoker of old-style cigs, but cartridges today come in chocolate, peppermint, peach, and pina colada varieties.

During your search and experimentation with disposables maybe you discover two or three cigs which stand out for their taste and aroma, but which one is the right one? Be aware that certain brands are known for the smooth and consistent provision of vapor and flavor right to the end of a cartridge. Reviews of some brands might include warnings of decreasing intensity over time.

Another question is whether you want the option to refill cartridges or not. Depending on the opinions you read, this can be a good or a bad thing. Expect it to be a mixed blessing. There is a greater chance of refillable cartridges leaking, but probably only if they are not sealed correctly or are used for too long. What you gain by choosing this method is greater savings and fewer additions to local landfills.

Here’s a bit more about aspects of e-cigs we review:


Are e cigs green? Do they light up when you smoke?

First of all, e cigs are all greener than regular cigarettes. If one firm advertises its environmental friendliness as though it is greener than the rest, test that suggestion by reading more about it. Unless they have invented biodegradable batteries, the most they can offer is a recycling program, although that is a step in the right direction.

Generally speaking, e-smoking is better for the environment. Scientists cannot tabulate the effects on nature of butts being dropped on the ground, at least not with certainty.

They can say that e cigs are also more pleasant in the environment, with no smells or ash. In fact, e cigs are not classified the same as traditional cigarettes and can be used in some places where smoking is banned, at least for now, as regulators are clamping down on it.

The grey, lethal-looking cloud created by smoking a burning ember is absent. Nothing burns in an e cig: nicotine is heated. This is true of all e cigs by definition.


Certain companies market their products to men. They offer a few color choices, but they either make a cig look like an old-fashioned rollup or are they lack vibrancy. Older smokers who dislike the idea of a lime green product might choose these.

Other cigs are designed for women and some are marketed towards men. Shades include varieties of purple, pink, blue, and green.


One of the biggest issues you have after flavor when switching is battery power. If an electronic product cannot keep its charge long enough or the battery only gives 100 puffs, that could be a bit of maintenance.

Battery power is affected by size. If you want a sleek-looking mini e-cig with a slim profile, you get less power. It is still decent, but you should expect to use it less or charge it more. Bigger batteries obviously have more juice in them and go on longer.

Most kits come with different battery sizes, and some companies, such as South Beach, carry a substantially larger battery that has a much longer life.

Starter Kits

Just about every company creates a starter kit. This is a selection of everything you need to get started. If she were to buy each piece separately, the consumer would pay more than if she bought them as a package. Every company makes this different in some way. Certain ones simplify the issue by creating two versions of the same package. Others add one or two items to sweeten the deal on increasingly bigger, more expensive kits.

A number of firms such as V2 and South Beach offer the option of a Power Cig as a taste-testing idea. Try this, with its USB connection, and find out what it feels like to smoke vapor instead of tobacco smoke. If you like the way it feels and are impressed by the company, buy the basic starter kit which does not include a Power Cig.

Kits usually come with a number of flavor cartridges, a USB adaptor, wall charger, and one or two batteries.

Flavors and Nicotine

You know there is power in their battery. Colors suit your personality. Now you have to try a brand’s flavors to be sure this is the right product.

Bull Smoke Cartridges

This is for most people the most important factor, and it typically trumps the price, just like with analogues where most people will splurge for Newports or Marlboros over something close that is cheaper.

Each manufacturer carries at least two, possibly as many as four types of tobacco. Versions like Turkish Tobacco are common, and there is often one to simulate the flavor of unfiltered cigarettes. Menthol is also a typical option.

Gourmet flavors are usually part of the menu too. They sound like assorted candies: cherry, peach, pina colada, passion fruit, and grape. Coffee, mocha, mint chocolate, and vanilla are a few others. If you like menthol but want a change, try mint tea or peppermint.

You probably smoke mostly for the nicotine, and this is an ingredient inside of the cartridges to refill your e cigs. Choose from a low dose to 2.4%, or even 4.5% in the case of NJOY, or try to wean from nicotine with 0% if you want to cut back.

Read customer impressions of vapor strength. Some products are consistent, while there is a tapering effect from others.

Modded E-Cigs

E-cig mods are a pretty vast category that is growing like crazy, and is left a bit open for interpretation. Pictured to the right is something that looks like it could come out of NASA, but it is an upgraded battery, and the battery features a variable voltage option.

Vapor Fi Rebel II

On top of that is a tank system, which is about the top third of it, where you can see some e-cig juice and a black mouth piece up top.

A modded cig like this serves the same function as a standard sized e cig, just with much more horsepower and battery longevity.

There are different sized tanks, and other upgraded batteries, many of them are known as an eGo-style battery.

A combination of a tank and an upgraded battery is typically the next big step for anyone looking to get a modded, more powerful cig that lasts longer, and as a nice gateway to the world of mods, which is a lifestyle and hobby for lots of vapers out there.


Amazing E Liquid Pens

Looking for a more advanced device? Vaporfi has just released a fully customizable line of vaporizer pens, and that is just one part of their vaporizer line they have launched.



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  • Jared says:

    Thanks for the chart at the top of this page.

    It helps to see them in an order ike that. I am sure most or all of them are pretty good, but it helps someone like me choose one since I just want to give vaping a try and see if it works for me.

    I went with the V2 electronic cigarette, with the refillable EX refill tubes, and some of the juice by the brand Vaporfi to try out two different kinds of fluid and see how they are.

  • Mitch says:

    Yeah that chart is pretty sweet. I have been seeing these things in the headlines all the time, and am thinking I will try out an e cig.

    When I’m at the mall and stuff, I am seeing a lot of people with these big square shaped things, and it is like a smoke bomb or something, with so much smoke coming out.

    That looks kind of cool, especially if people are getting their nicotine fix from it, and maybe even entertaining.

    Is all that necessary for someone that wants to check out electronic cigarettes?

    Like, for anyone who’s been around this for a while, does that typically end up being what most people end up with?

    I would rather just get whatever works best from the beginning.

    Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!

  • Derek says:

    This is a good summary of all the top brands out there. It’s amazing to see how VaporFI wasn’t around a couple years ago and now they are teh top brand out there. Your reviews are spot on.

  • Warren says:

    I have been using Eversmoke for 2 years now, and am totally happy with them.

    I have absolutely no need to try anything else at all, as they are just perfect, IMO. I love the taste of them, and they last me all day, and also, that kick you feel in the back of your throat, they are just like a Marlboro Red, how they hit my throat.

  • Jimmy says:

    I just want to give a shout out to Green Smoke. Wow thes really hit the spot for me!

    I highly recommend them for anyone looking to try something that is like an actual cigarette.

    I can’t say I have tried everything on this page, but I have gone through a couple of the kinds that you can buy in convenience stores, like Blu, Logic, Vuse, and Green Smoke blew them away in every way possible.

    I enjoy the tobacco flavors the most, but I decided to try some other flavors and wow they taste really good!

    I like to have a sweet flavor after a meal like dessert, with a coffee, and it goes great (I like the vanilla).

    I can’t say it is the exact same flavor as an actual cigarette, but wow I am amazed how good it is, with the throat hit, the amount of smoke that comes off it, and the taste.

    Anyone like me who’s searching for something like a real cigarette, try out Green Smoke.

    Oh, also, I noticed the flavor packages that screw on, and the batteries last way longer than those other ones, which is way more convenient for me, as I’m constantly on the go, and one time with the Blu cigarette, I ended up buying a pack of Winstons cuz I was having a stressful day already, and the battery died, which pissed me off, but that’s another store.

    Anyways, now I’m rambling, but wanted to give these guys props.

    Thanks for the write up here, I learned some stuff, and am thinking maybe I’ll jump in and get one of those bigger things one day, but for now I’ll stick with old faithful. I grabbed the coupon you guys have here, thanks for that!

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