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The vibe you get from reading the Green Smoke website is that this established electronic cigarette firm has an environmental conscience. A background of white and green for their internet and packaging highlights how these products are a green friendly product, and the company supports that with things like their recycling program.

greensmokeGreen Smoke Review: Going Green

When you return 80 empty Green Smoke cartomizers to the company, you receive a package of 5 cartomizers or can opt for loyalty points instead. Batteries do not need to go into the garbage, nor should they. A battery is one of the worst things to enter a landfill. Drop yours into Call2Recycle bins located around the country.

Maybe these environmental initiatives have helped to make Green Smoke one of the most popular e-cig companies around, selling over 20 million products thus far. Just about every review supports the notion of their popularity too.


Customers compare Green Smoke vapor to that of other mini e-cigs, which makes vapor production elsewhere look paltry. How Green Smoke manages so much vapor is hard to say since mini cigs are not powerful. Their long-lasting cartridges could have something to do with it.

Triple-sealed cartridges and sealed batteries also leave them fresh for consumers. Lab testing ensures products are ready to be shipped and used. No corners are cut.

Personal Taste

Pre-filled cartridges come in typical flavors: chocolate, vanilla, mocha, etc. Green Smoke sells three tobacco cartridges, a menthol, and clove. Whether you like them or not is entirely subjective. If the selection is not wide enough, you are probably ready for eGo cigs anyway. This is what you would call a Beginner’s lineup.

Choose as much as 2.4% nicotine, or any nicotine level below that, going all the way down to nicotine free cartridges.  At $16.97 for five, you will eventually find it gets expensive to vape, though nothing like as dear as it was to smoke.

Starter Kits

First place is usually denoted by a blue ribbon or a gold medal. In the e-cig business, top place is “green”: Green Smoke. As the following Green Smoke starter kit review reveals, after years in the industry they are still either at the head of the pack or in that leading group whenever you look them up.

An Express Kit is a bit much for what you get: Eversmoke sells a similar set for less. Green Smoke sells theirs for just over $50. You still need to buy a second battery though.

Perhaps reach a little further to the Pro. For $84.97, you receive the second battery, 10 cartridges, the essential charging items, and a few other items. As always, it is cheaper to buy a package than to pick and choose items on your own from a list of accessories.

Green Smoke sells batteries for $19.97, so add one to a $30 kit and you have the basic starter with only two cartridges. It’s hard to create a Green Smoke package that is as affordable as a starter kit with everything you need.

Green Smoke wins by creating affordable, reliable starter kits and because their customer service department is one of the best. New vaping consumers should consider starting with Green Smoke if they are confused about the other brands and need a reference point.

Don’t Change a Thing

When things are going well, keep them as they are. Green Smoke has not made many changes to their starter kits or other products because there is nothing to change. They are not going to introduce eGo kits to their lineup. Green Smoke concentrates on making and selling the best available mini cigs.

These resemble analog cigarettes: white at the bottom, orange at the top. This goes for all flavor cartridges too, whether you vape tobacco or a fruit. Analog-style e-cigs are attractive to new vapers and they say so often in their reviews.

Why would you want to mess with a formula where shipping is so fast it takes consumers by surprise? They constantly note the speed of shipping. There are few errors in packaging goods, but if someone receives a DOA battery or cartridge, or the order is not filled correctly, Green Smoke goes above the usual standards (in customers’ opinions) to make things right. That is one of the features that keep clients coming back.

For those who think cheaper e-cigs are better, reconsider your position and read some reviews.

Starter Kits and Tasty Vapor

Each starter kit comes with a selection of cartridges. Usually, electronic cigarettes in this division are not that impressive when it comes to vapor, though Green Smoke e cigs do offer some of the best and thickest vapor of any of the mini e cigs on the market, and longest lasting cartridges at that.

Do not vape e-liquid from high-end companies used in eGo cigs before trying Green Smoke cartridges, even if your friend offers you a puff from his Provari. This way, your opinions will not be colored to the disadvantage of mini cigs and you can take them for what they are.

Vanilla, chocolate, and mocha will probably remind you of their namesakes, but perhaps not authentically, or with much boldness.

Tobacco flavors are considered difficult to mimic in an electronic cigarette no matter what type it is, and they have some great tasting tobacco flavors which are about as close to the real thing as you could get. There are a few options at Green Smoke, plus menthol, clove, and a few others. Green Smoke could add some new flavors to their lineup if they wanted to make changes.

Green Smoke for Starters

A new vaper is advised to buy a starter kit, and probably nothing less than a two-battery package. The Express costs almost $60 with one battery, and that seems like a big investment at the outset. Green Smoke is more expensive than much of the competition, but this starter contains a power cigarette in place of the second battery, a device that makes use of a USB port. Their cartridges are triple-sealed and fresh tasting too. Hygiene and sturdy packaging that keeps contents safe are priorities.

The Pro Kit, around $100, is packaged with the second battery you need. It contains a charger kit (USB and wall adaptor) plus a car adaptor. Also in this package you will find a carry case, essential for organizing pieces. The Ultimate Kit (about $130) brings you a third battery, power cig, and two cases (why not just one and charge $120?)

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