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Whenever you read comparisons between mini e-cigs where Halo is one of the contenders, Halo comes out on top. They are one of the best-selling e-cigs on the market and for use come in close behind V2 Cigs and Vapor Zone.

Halo G6 Mini TanksThree Styles of Electronic Cigarette

Halo, formed in 2009, is one of the few companies that, like Vapor Zone and Volcano, offer models for vapers at every stage. They have the G6 for newcomers, a tank version of the G6, and their Triton Tank System.

The next type of product after this would be a mechanical mod. Accessories allow you to customize your kit, but the basic package is simple and straightforward.

Halo G6 E Cig Starter KitMeet the G6

Your first introduction to Halo will probably be getting to know their G6 mini electronic cigarette. Where most companies sell several starter kits with various types of gear in them, like portable chargers and lanyards, Halo created starter kits divided simply by their various colors.

Customers have 9 to choose from. The G6 is a slick looking device that resembles a real cigarette only in terms of its size and weight, plus the comfort or rubberized coating between fingers and lips. Otherwise, no regular cigarette comes in shades like these.

Right away it will be evident you are not smoking in public, only vaping, even as the LED light burns when you take a puff.

A G6 starter kit costs $44.99 and includes all the necessities including two batteries in your choice of size and automatic or manual. Automatic is easier, but manual batteries give users more control over vapor production.

You get a USB charger, wall adaptor, and a case that is handy for organizing extra cartridges and a second battery. A five-pack of cartridges is included too, in the flavor and strength you want.

Cartridges cost $9.99 for five when bought separately, reaching as much as 2.4% nicotine, and come in 9 flavors. Roughly $10 for five cartridges sounds like a steal, almost too good to be true, when you think about the $12 to $15 you pay elsewhere for the same sort of thing.

Halo Triton Tank Starter KitA Halo Cigs Review: Triton

This is where Halo e-cigs steps into the advanced world of e-cigs. The Triton starter kit costing less than $70 comes in one format but many colors like a G6 kit: 11 in total. It is a beautiful eGo style battery with 400mAh or 650mAh batteries (shorter for secretive vaping; 650 for more vape time and a heavier, longer pen). Two clearomizers are included plus a cone that is used to unify the entire unit. It also comes with a carry case.

The way to make this unit even more powerful is by purchasing stronger batteries separately. These are 900mAh and 1300mAh batteries not available as part of a starter kit but sold on the Halo website.

Whatever you were looking for when it was time to move along from mini cigs you find in a Triton, with exceptional vapor and a long-lasting battery. Tanks are easy to fill and hold 2.4ml of liquid. Presentation is excellent: you will be impressed by Halo’s attention to detail in the package they send and shipping is quick.

Halo E LiquidPreferring USA-made Liquid

Halo vapor juice is made in the USA just like the company, which operates from New Jersey. Their juice is so popular that several general electronic cigarette re-sellers carry it alongside gourmet juices.

A 7ml bottle (strange number) costs $5.99, but the bottle is made of glass. It is not cheap, but the vapor tastes good (glass might have something to do with that). These small bottles are favorable alternatives to 15, 25, or 30ml offerings from other brands when trying a new flavor.

Halo Cigs TribecaA Fondness for Tobacco

Tobacco flavors are dominant at Halo. Many companies go light on tobacco and prefer to focus on fruit, but things are the other way around here. Tribeca, Turkish, Tiki, Prime 15, and Voodoo are just some of their tobacco varieties. Tribeca is semi-sweet with hints of vanilla and caramel, though it is not labeled as a RY4.

Tiki is inspired by Tahitian tobacco with spices, a hint of sweetness, and a touch of menthol. Prime 15 boasts an earthy richness with cocoa considered authentic on the tongue of an ex-smoker. Voodoo is mild with a base of dark fruits. Torque 56 is bold tobacco.

Some of our favorites are the Midnight apple and Longhorn. You can get a variety sampler for around $27 with 6 bottles if you want to try out their tobacco juices, which are very good.

Beyond the Leaf

Gourmet flavors adopt some of the same ideas as other companies carry, such as chocolate (or Belgian Cocoa, in this case) and coffee (such as Twisted Java). In the Menthol section, consider a light minty tobacco called Mystic or the triple-menthol Sub Zero.

They make some great flavors, try their Kringle’s Curse if you’re looking for a tasty peppermint!

Website: a Plus

Halo’s website was renovated recently. I don’t know why since it was always easy to use and still is. Items are carefully organized according to the model: G6 or Triton. Even a new vaper will easily negotiate her way around the site.

Replacing a tank is not necessary if it goes wrong, at least not as a first option. You could just replace the coil if you know how to do it. Halo posts lots of information on their website so start here if there is anything you need to know about maintaining your product or e-cig information in general. The company welcomes input.


Official Website: http://halocigs.com