Illinois Jails Allow Electronic Cigarettes

From our “news of the weird” correspondent, here’s an interesting story we read at this online newspaper.

If you don’t want to leave our site (and why would you?) here’s the “just” of it.

White County and Saline County, both in Southern Illinois, are letting inmates vape.

That’s right.  When traditional cigarettes are banned, and e-cigs are not banned, this is news.  This is how well accepted e-cigarettes are becoming, people!

Here is the quote of the story:

White County jail administrator Randy Cobb said the experiment has “slowed contraband and raised inmate morale.”

If hardened criminals can slow contraband use and get an increase in morale, why can’t the global workforce?

Think about it.

Less Smoke breaks = less time away from the desk = increased productivity!


Less Toxins means better health behaviors of employees, which equals a more competent workplace.


We seriously don’t see what all the fuss is about.  Let electronic cigarettes into our lives without any drama, and the world will be a better place.