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Mt Baker Vapor is growing, and I’m really liking what I’m seeing out of this small, but reputable e-cig brand.  If you are looking to buy Mt Baker Vapor, please use the Mt Baker Vapor coupon below.

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4.99 usa made e juice

Mt Baker Vapor in Washington is so eager for consumers to try their products they are offering a deal: free vapor juice with every purchase amounting to $15 or more. This is either desperation or confidence: I can’t decide which. Sometimes it seems like the firm is reaching to beat out the competition.

Yet, to make an offer like this for such a small order is fantastic and potentially quite expensive to Mt Baker Vapor. They must believe fully that once you try their products and customer service, there will be no question of shopping anywhere else.

The Website

The first page of Mt Baker Vapor’s website contains a lot of information. In fact, this could be a bit much, especially for a new visitor (whose eye will be drawn automatically to that “free juice” sign for relief). Get oriented though. It will be worth your while.

Goods are carefully broken up so you only have to know what kind of item you want, not necessarily which brand to look for. It is also possible to search specifically because you already know it is a Vamo 5 you want. All that remains is to determine the price, plus shipping, and you’re ready to type in payment details.

A wonderful feature of this site is the unique scrolling events section on the home page. Find out where other vapers or companies in America are gathering to promote products and discuss the craze for electronic cigarettes.

Mt Baker Vapor Review: Now for E-Liquid

Their very name hints at the idea that Mt Baker Vapor will be selling vapor juice, perhaps their own. They do, and it is pretty inexpensive. Lots of forum writers insist you cannot get good quality or tasty juice producing thick vapor and a good throat hit when it costs so little. Many consumers also argue that lots of gourmet juices bear artificially inflated prices, like designer clothes costing 4X what department store equivalents cost because of their name.

Mt Baker Vapor E Juice

Mt Baker Vapor juices fall under the usual headings: Candy, Nut and Spice, Sweet, Signature, Tobacco, Menthol, and Beverages. From these headings, you have a rough idea of what offerings are listed under each one, but there is cross-over.

Sweets and desserts are often also beverage flavors because they all contain fruit items. Many of the flavors are standard, typical items every e-juice company should carry. They just know that such flavors are too popular to ignore, yet each company makes them a little differently. A 15ml bottle costs only $4.99.

Cinnamon Hot Tamale is just one of several candy flavors. Try sour berry Hawk Juice with menthol and other fruits, or its off-shoot, Faux Hawk with added raspberry. Black Clove is rich and spicy. Blue Moo and Coconut Cream Pie could make your teeth hurt by the power of suggestion. Of course you don’t gain weight by vaping because you’re not drinking or consuming anything. Still, the human mind is a complex organ.

Selling Necessary Hardware

On the list of impressive tools at Mt Baker Vapor is the Innokin iTaste. This is a fancy box mod you have probably seen at other shops, both in person and over the internet. It has earned its reputation and ubiquitous presence. Mt Baker Vapor sets their price to “affordability.” They also carry Boge blank cartridges in multiple sizes and two Smoktech mods costing from $40+ to over $200, according to the way you configure your unit.

It would seem they carry Joyetech products, but Mt Baker Vapor has left a useless heading under “Starter Kits.” Press this link and find yourself staring at a blank page. Although there is no harm done ultimately because Mt Baker Vapor is not selling items and running away with your money in exchange for no products, it is misleading. A quick glance often leads consumers to choose websites based on where they find which models.

Mt Baker Vapor Customer Service

Mt Bake Vapor hosts a support page for their customers. It includes the answers to many frequently asked questions, and not just the typical “what is an e-cig” questions. Learn how to do technical things that will come up multiple times when you own an advanced personal vaporizer.

If these tools are no help, or only lead to more questions, open a ticket. A representative will contact you personally and walk you through your issue.


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