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As you tour the e cig landscape and discover many brands, you will come across Apollo E Cigs. Apollo could have you thinking of outer space, exploration, and adventure. If you have ever tried Apollo e cigs, it could also put you in mind of a tropical vaping experience thanks to one of their fruity flavors.


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Apollo Starter KitStarter Kits

This brand provides 4 starter kits beginning with a standard (pictured here). It is rated for beginners who are light smokers. The battery is strong enough for up to 2 hours of heavy puffing, or more the lighter you vape.

It comes with 5 cartomizers, a USB charger, wall adaptor, 2 batteries, and free shipping. Electrical parts come with a lifetime warranty and there is also a 30-day money back guarantee.

With bigger kits you get a lanyard or stronger batteries; a case or a car charger. Up-scale starter kits offer 8 choices of battery color and clear tanks called clearomizers.

An Extreme Kit comes with a long life battery and is recommended for heavy smokers trying electronic smoking for the first time.

Official Website: http://apolloecigs.com

Apollo Luminous Battery and Evod ClearomizerUpgraded Batteries

Apollo carries a line of eGo style upgraded batteries, and they have a number of tanks available, also called clearomizers.

Pictured here is the Luminous battery with the Evod Clearmoizer.

We use their holiday sale to purchase this and it was $15 after their 50% discount coupon code which is a pretty sweet deal, and this produces some nice vape!


Another way to try Apollo e cigarettes is to buy disposable versions of the brand. They come in various flavors and last for up to 500 puffs. Use them until the power or flavor runs out before throwing them away.

As tempting as it is to open them up and find out more about their insides, or even to change pieces, this is not recommended. If you want to do that buy a rechargeable, reusable product instead.

Apollo E-JuiceNicotine

The stuff you are heating is nicotine juice made with food-safe, kosher ingredients. Many of the flavors recall summer, like cherry or cherry limeade. Tropical tastes such as banana cream and pina colada will have you sunning yourself on a beach chair, at least in your imagination.

You might even feel warmer all over. Blueberry and coffee makes a unique combination, or opt for a coffee treat on its own. Maybe choose cappuccino for a change.

E-cigarettes would not appeal to the widest consumer base possible if they did not offer menthol and tobacco flavors too. Some people want their e-smokes to taste and smell as much like the real thing as possible, even though vaping deprives smokers of cigarette chemicals.


A cartomizer contains nicotine juice and a heating element (atomizer) in one. This ensures that you replace the atomizer every time you replace the cartridge for continually effective vaping.

Blanks for 510s include a single coil version and a double coil option. Each one takes between 25 and 60 drops of e-liquid and can be refilled up to five times. The dual coil product, however, offers more power and vapor with each puff than the single coil option.

If you would rather buy pre-filled cartomizers, they are sold according to the starter kit you purchased. Buy a pack of five, choose one or a mixture of five flavors, and select from five strengths. For the extreme, you get up to 300 puffs per item, but only 200 for cartomizers belonging to the standard kit.

Their site: http://apolloecigs.com



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