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Brooklyn’s Bedford Slims Electronic Cigarettes are touted as vapes designed for gentlemen. Did you notice the curly mustache on their products? That’s the logo of a man’s e cig, but it is slim. That might sound like a contradiction in terms, but Bedford Slims vapourette is a masculine foil to Vapor Couture’s feminine form.

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Bedford SlimsBedford Slims Review

Like the Vapor Couture line by V2 Cigs, Bedford Slims e cigs are rechargeable devices, but they are a lot cheaper and they do not sell $200 starter kits with handbags and charm necklaces. CEO Jesse started the business in 2010.

Now, in 2015, his products look a lot like they did in 2014. Rather than adding 20 new e juices or sub-ohm vaping machines, they choose to stick with what they have done fairly well for 5 years already: create a good electronic cigarette option that customers hungry for a alternative for smoking can enjoy.

FAQ Queue

This section talks about and explains battery specs, shipping, and more. Each Bedford Slims battery takes about 2 ½ hours to charge and lasts roughly the same length of time. At 280 mAh, it is what you would call a high-drain battery in its class. That 2 ½ hours of battery time might actually last half a day if you are a light smoker, but only 150 minutes if you are a chain smoker.

The FAQ section features some honest comments about e cigs. Check out a comparison of their toxicity relative to cigarettes, for instance, and the dangers of nicotine. Shipping to domestic addresses costs $2.50 unless you are in a hurry, in which case Bedford Slims will add $6 to your bill. International post costs $15 and Bedford Slims will post anywhere. But read up on your country’s attitude to e cigs: they might not make it past customs.

Energy Conservation

The makers of Bedford Slims tell customers how they can operate their batteries for longer but also introduce clients to their recycling program. For a little while you can send in any electronic cigarette batteries as part of a rewards system: 7 used in exchange for 1 new battery. Eventually, this will only apply to Bedford Slims batteries.

Starter Kits for Slim Cigs

There are two styles of kit. The first contains one single rechargeable e cig. To recharge and refill this $12 product, you will have to buy a USB charger and new cartomizers. The larger kit for $45 contains 2 batteries, a charger, and more cartridges. You also receive a manly fold-out case featuring spaces for two full e cigs, a USB charger, 4 extra cartomizers, and cards or cash. Menthol and Tobacco are the two flavors for a $12 kit. Add two more — Dark Roast or Clove — to your options for the $45 set. Nicotine choices are 0, 1.2%, and 2.4/2.6%.

Bedford Slims KitReplacements

Each pack of 5 cartridges costs $13. Bedford Slims also makes 4 flavors of US e juice: Menthol, Southern Tobacco, Turkish Cut, and Root Beer. Each contains a 70/30 blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin plus USP-grade nicotine when that is applicable.

The Dark Roast style is injected with 7 mg of caffeine for an even stronger buzz than nicotine alone can provide. Purchase a variety 4-pack for $10 (only the first 4 are featured).

Replace cartomizers with blanks you can use up to 5 times in packs of 5 for $10. Fill these with e juice priced $12 for 10 ml. It’s all in the same flavors as cartomizers; nothing fancy is added.

BS-Free Accessories for Bedford Slims

A small selection of extras is available. Batteries cost $10. Charging devices cost the same amount. Buy a kit (USB and wall adapter) for $17. The case featured in a starter kit sells separately for $14. It’s cheaper to buy a bundle.

Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate, if you can convince consumers to buy Bedford Slims product on your website, commission from 15% to 25% will be attributed to your account. Commission is rated according to your sales level: under $100, $100-$199, and over $200 in sales. Online banners and paper advertising products are available for promoting the company.

Summary of Bedford Slims

One of the prices that caught my eye was $12 for 10 ml of e liquid. That’s $1.20 per/ml, among the highest prices for e liquids I’ve seen. For those readers who haven’t done much research yet, gourmet e liquid is sold in 15-ml glass bottles for $12 and even that is expensive. I can’t tell you what the people at Bedford Slims were thinking when they set this price.

On the positive side, their cartomizers contain 20% more e liquid than the rest. A volume of 0.9 or 1 ml is common, but here a carto contains 1.2 ml. So the price of $13 for 5 works out to just over $2 per/ml. If these were in packs of five cartridges, that would work out to about $10.85, which is well within reasonable limits.

I was pleased to see Root Beer as a flavor because it’s unusual. Their coffee with added caffeine provides further novelty to an unusually sparse but stylish collection. Bedford Slims battery designs are created by local artists for maximum stylistic impact.

Shop Online: https://www.bedfordslims.com

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