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Vaporfi has just released a customized vaporizer pen builder where you can build your own vaping pen!

This is an awesome addition to their already impressive line of e-liquid vaporizers.

If you are looking to create your own vape using a specific color, or tank, this option is for you.

Check it out at http://vaporfi.com

There are 5 steps involved:

Step 1: Choose your battery

Here’s what it looks like, and you will have a choice of 4 powerful batteries. You’ll be able to select from a bunch of colors also.

step 1 choose battery


Step 2: Choose your tank

Here you will have a selection of a number of beautiful Vaporfi tanks that will of course match the battery you’ve selected.

step 2 choose tank

Step 3: Extra atomizers

You have the option to get extra atomizer heads. These are worth every penny!

step 3 atomizer heads

Step 4: Add a wall charger

This is great how they do the thinking for you since these are parts you’ll be very happy you got. We typically buy a couple chargers etc., for when ypu’re on the go, you always want to have your vape :)

Step 4 add charger

Step 5: Confirm your order

Along with being able to confirm and purchase, in this step and all the steps, it allows you to go back at any point if you want to change anything!

step 5 confirm


Check out the Vaporfi Custom Vaporizer Builder Here

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Blend Your Own E-Juice

Vaporfi also allows you to create your own e-liquid blend. There are over 30,000 possible flavor combinations!

Check out the Vaporfi custom e-juice page here


Vaporfi custom juice





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