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The latest in a growing selection of DNA box mods comes from Reno, Nevada. DB Modz products resemble Hana Modz and are also made in the USA. Their similarities continue: both companies insert Evolv DNA chips in their box-shaped e cigs and coat them in loads of different colors. Finally, they are priced about the same, but can you trust this new company?

Three Products

DB Modz lists 3 models: Da Mini, V2, and Da Slim. The Da Mini and Da Slim look to be about the same in every respect. But if I had one each, up close differences might be obvious.

Da Mini Box Mod

This is a DNA 20 box mod available in 9 colors with two colors of firing button: silver or black. An Evolv board inside permits the user to choose voltage up to 20 watts and the chip automatically sets voltage as per chosen wattage and the atomizer’s resistance. A 510 thread is flush against the machine and a 2400-mAh battery is built in, but replacements are available. Charge the device without taking the battery out using a micro USB port.

Da Mini V2

Select from 10 colors and two button colors when you purchase your 100% machined box made from 6061-t4 aluminum. The 510 thread is recessed this time. Your box is made in relatively small batches, each item numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authorization. Again you have a 2400-mAh built-in battery. Besides a serial number, your Da Mini V2 also bears a laser-engraved logo. It’s the same as above with a 20-watt chip that enables you to change wattage.

Da Slim

Available in 11 colors, this is basically the Da Mini with a flush 510 connector, heavy duty wires, a DNA 20 board, and the same shape. The selection process differs though. Instead of choosing a color, pay $20 for “Painters Choice.” Just tell DB Modz if there is a color you do not like then let them select a shade for you. That seems like a lot of money to let them get rid of the colors that don’t sell as well, and Da Slim already cost $10 more than the DA Mini V1 without this extra feature.


A hint of uncertainty wafted over the internet in my direction as I researched this new brand; a hint of something rotten in Reno. Customers are sending missives to DB Modz by email and receiving no communication, having trouble with their devices but obtaining no relief. DB Modz has been associated with trouble already and they have only been around less than a year.

Would I buy a DNA Box Mod from DB Modz?

The simple answer is “no”: there are loads of 20- and 30-watt mods available from vendors all over the country in stores and online. A decent device of this kind can be purchased for about $100 if you don’t mind where it comes from.

If it has to be an American product, Hana Modz has a better reputation, although they have taken some flack as well. Meantime, visit the DB Modz site and they are a mysterious entity. Does the company have an address even? They don’t post it. Can you reach them by phone? Not if their website is your single source of information.

Would I Buy a DNA Box Mod by Someone Else?

In general, the DNA chip is an exciting innovation when placed in competent hands. It gives consumers the power to control the power they are using without having to do a lot of math to make every part work safely together. Sub-ohmers now have the freedom to safely vape below 1 ohm and even below ½ an ohm with certain devices.


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