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What is the average vaper looking for in an online store? His list would probably be much the same as a person buying books or gourmet food online.

He wants:

• fast shipping
• accuracy
• choice
• low prices
• excellent customer service
• secure online ordering

I think that those of you who have not encountered E-Cig Avenue yet will be interested in their commitment to provide all of these things.

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A Look at the E-Cig Avenue Website

When a firm lists three different methods of contact (email, phone, and physical address), I know they are not afraid of customers getting in touch. They are not trying to hide from irate consumers because they probably have a good answer for each one; the kind that has clients returning all the time.

When they are willing to ship goods for free throughout the USA, this allows customers to regard pricing for what it is, not try to calculate relative pricing once shipping is added. When a shop sells so much stuff they have to offer multiple methods of categorization, this show their selection is ample.

Looking at the methods they use to divide products, the people behind this store see the shopping experience from various angles to satisfy numerous types of shoppers. They think the way you do because they are vapers and shoppers just like their patrons.

For example, some people let a product’s popularity help them decide on a purchase, or they use that as a starting point, at least. Many consumers will begin their search with the least expensive or the most expensive (i.e. exclusive) or they want to buy goods made by a certain manufacturer because of their reputation.

Sort by category then sort again: choosing mods, but then selecting 26650 mods, mechanical mods, or boxes. Consider items that are on sale. Choose listings by their newness. Whatever direction you take is the right direction at E-Cig Avenue.

Sort by Popularity

In fact, we can take a look right now at what the most popular items sold by E-Cig Avenue are. They are different from those on other companies’ “most popular” lists. At some places, coils top the charts. Different e liquids or mods sell especially well.

Here it’s e juice: Cosmic Fog, Thrive, Space Jam, and VSmoke Vitamin Smoke Liquid. The Aspire Nautilus Mini and Herakles Sense are also big sellers for the time being.

Beginners’ Starter Kits

Assorted bundles include the very basic mini cig format which was a surprise. Usually, major companies do not bother with them. You can tell E-Cig Avenue doesn’t do big business with the KR808D format because their price for a blister kit containing a single battery, USB charger, and two cartomizers is $17.10.

I was not blown away by the price which I’ve found lower at places like Smokeless Image and many other all-purpose vendors. The mini cig format is an after-thought or a concession to that end of the vaping community, as though in an effort to be something to everyone.

Their EVOD Kit: now, that was a better deal and the sort of thing I expect to see from a vape vendor carrying RDAs.

ecig avenue evod kit

You get two full e cigs for $39.99. The K100 Mod kit with a charger, battery, and case is $39.99. Choose a Matrix Sub-ohm kit by High Voltage for $55. All of these are well-priced examples of kits which will either get you started vaping or help you launch the next phase of your life as a vaper.

Batteries and Tanks

An eGo Twist 1300 mAh, Bling Battery, and Matrix Sub-ohm are all featured in this category. Match them with clearomizers and tanks like the Mini Vivi Nova 510 for $9.99 or the Kanger Unitank for $15.99.

When you move up into bigger mods, there is the Authentic Troll RDA or Starre Sub-Ohm tank for $24.99, an Authentic Mad hatter RDA by Infeeling for $35.99, or an Omega RDA clone for $19.95.

Combo Discounts

E-Cig Avenue does something unique by combining mods and atomizers they feel go together well and offering them at a discounted price for the pair.

ecig avenue mod starter kits

For instance, a Panzer/Tobh Clone pairing is $65. The Tesla/Aerotank Turbo bundle costs $79.95. There were others too: just root around for your ideal partnership.

High Watt Mods

E-Cig Avenue sticks with big names here: companies you were probably looking for anyway. There’s Sigelei, Innokin, Eleaf, and Kamry. Choose the iStick 50, a Kamry 20W, the Cool Fire 2 with an iClear 30B ($55), or the Vamo. Sigelei’s Mini 30W mod and 150W mod are both featured here. Start low and build up to a powerful device.

Mechanical Mod

I didn’t see much in this department although RBAs and RDAs were included among mechanical mods. The Sigelei Fu Chai is a gorgeously engraved device, great for collecting or using. A Nemesis Clone replica is affordably priced: $39.95. Pair either of these two devices with one of the atomizers mentioned above, the Kraken RBA, or a Gamma RBA.

E Liquid List

On the e juice menu you see old favorites and new labels plus the company’s own Avenue Premium Liquid.

ecig avenue e-juice

This 70/30 vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol blend costs $8.99 for 17.5 ml and was made in partnership with award-winning blenders from JuJu Vapor. Select from more than a dozen flavors at a great price.

When searching for flavors by a particular company, just go to that sub-heading and there is a single page for each one. Read the menu and scroll down in the selection bar to choose your favorite plus nicotine strength. Among others, they list Space Jam, Krush, US Vapor Co, and Cosmic Charlie’s.

Great Products

The left sidebar is a list of “features” they call “Great Products.” These are devices and e juices. Click on the Kamry Kfire Wood Mods starter kit with a box or a Nemesis/Nimbus mod clone.

Shop Online: https://www.ecigavenue.com

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