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A lot of wonderful things have come out of China where the cost of manufacturing is so tremendously low. American manufacturers cannot compete with their prices, but without Chinese manufacturing, the average consumer could never afford to own an electronic cigarette.

Besides Smoketech, Joyetech, and Kanger, there are also companies such as EHPro making ecigs. In their case, products are for advanced vapers only.

Company Profile

EHPro is located in Guangdong, on the Chinese mainland. They opened their doors in 2011.

Since that time, EHPro has been building modifiable electronic cigarettes (mods) and rebuildable atomizers (RBAs). These devices are best known to an advanced vaping audience; people comfortable with items that do not operate using buttons and which have to be taken apart regularly for cleaning, re-wicking, wrapping, and so on.

Unlike APVs, mods do not come with buttons and it might be worth taking a few lessons at a vape shop on how to use one before buying a product. Otherwise, their looks could tempt you before you are ready.

An EHPro Review: The Lineup

EHPro runs a truly comprehensive website where all of their products are listed for wholesale buyers. Individuals do not shop at the EHPro website: distributors come here with orders of 50, 100, or more depending on the item they want to buy. They work directly with EHPro agents assigned to particular products.

Products such as the Valkyrie, Trident, and Cronus come from here. You will see the Panzer, Kayfun items, and Bagua listed and pictured on their site. They compete strongly on the electronic cigarette market because EHPro can afford to charge less for them relative to some boutique mods. How is this so? Are EHPro products somehow less beautiful or sturdy?

Anything produced in batches of 10,000 at a time is cheaper to produce overall. It requires fewer man hours, and machines are responsible for much of the work. Boutique mods are hand-crafted or created by machine in small batches so they sell for two, three, even four times the price of EHPro products. There are exceptions where certain EHPro items are considered top-of-the line.

The Shape of a Panzer Mod

This stainless steel device can support tubes for batteries sized 18350 to 18650, or possibly two of the smallest batteries at one time. The threads are 510, making them compatible with many types of atomizer tanks since 510 is the dominant style of threading. Look for the copper pin, four vent holes to protect the battery from overheating, and a locking mechanism to prevent unplanned firing.

What is the Valkyrie?

Online e-cig vendors are selling the beautifully engraved Valkyrie with pride after waiting what felt like an age for the latest stock. Air flow is adjustable. The stainless steel tube is the right size for an 18650 battery. Ego/510 threads make this, like the Panzer, highly compatible with various tanks.

The Beauty of NZonic

A telescopic NZonic with a magnetic switch costs around $60 to $70. It has floating silver-plated contacts inside, but it’s the outside that catches your eye. Choose black or stainless steel (black is more expensive), either of which contrasts with a brass air flow ring. The NZonic, engraved with an eagle, will accept a ViVi Nova BC, Nimbus RDA, or any other tank or RDA with the same threads.

Cronus: A Clone of the Hades

The Hades is made by Footoon from stainless steel and brass. A Cronus clones the Hades, and for about the same price (around $220, unless there is an amazing deal out there). The Cronus possesses similar looks to the Hades and also offers a 510/eGo thread. Use this telescopic device with 18650, 18500, or 18350 battery. It has a weighty, solid feel which consumers appreciate.

Atomizers by EHPro

The Kayfun line is made here at EHPro. This RBA is gold, black, and stainless steel but made from brass, stainless steel, and PC. A Kayfun’s big capacity is as important as beauty.

Drippers might be interested to know that the Omega Clone costs just $30 or so. Made from stainless steel with three posts, single or dual coil configuration can be arranged. This RDA clone comes with tools.

Availability of EHPro

EHPro makes some clones and some authentic models, and certain items belong to the high-priced end of the shelf. Others are affordable enough for almost anyone to own them. What sets EHPro apart is availability.

Lots of companies sell their brand, including brick-and-mortar stores and online vendors that choose to deal with mods. Lots of those devices at various price points are out of stock when you finally want to buy one.

Many avoid mods and stick with lower-priced, quick turn-around products but mod dealers often stock at least one if not several products by EHPro. They took only a few years to become leaders in the market.

More Products

Some of their rebuildable atomizers include a popular Aqua, Nimbus V.3, and the Tobh. EHPro builds some gorgeous, shiny batteries encrusted with crystals, which are great for personal use but also make great gifts for female vapers.

An issue with tanks cracking under the influence of certain juices is solved by EHPro. Their CE4 atomizers come with Pyrex tanks because Pyrex can handle those juices without cracking. You have to be careful with your tanks and not let them roll off of a table, but replacement tubes are available.

EHPro manufactures drip tips in styles such as gourds, snowman shapes, and vases made from acrylic or brass. Many lines are available in numerous colors including swirled shades. Use them with almost any 510 tank.

More about EHPRo

EHPro is an international player, distributing products all around the world. Though America is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) market for electronic cigarettes, EHPro goods are sold in Australia, India, and England as well.

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