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Right off the bat the big feature of Eonsmoke is their affordability. I was really impressed by their Electric Starter Kit, with 2 cartridges, a rechargeable battery, and a USB charger. While most companies would charge about $20 or more for the same kind of item, Eonsmoke somehow manages to slap a $12.95 price tag onto theirs. Let this be a lesson to other vaping companies: watch prices. Let’s see what else an Eonsmoke review will reveal.

Eonsmoke Disposables

I have rarely seen a company sell disposables at such high nicotine volumes. The Sands disposable, priced $7.99, gives ex-smokers a real kick: 30mg of nicotine. Frost is a menthol variety, also selling for $7.99 and containing just as much nicotine. Other tobacco selections are Wrangler, President, Legendary, and a few more.

Eonsmoke Economy Pack of Disposables


Apparently, Eonsmoke juice performs consistently, but you have to pull pretty hard to get the atomizer to activate. Otherwise, you do not enjoy maximum throat hit or vapor production. This is just one vaper’s impression. Flavors are generally good.

Starter Kits

Apart from the Economy Kit, Eonsmoke carries three other starter kits, the priciest of which is $89.99. You have to like the name Smoker’s Paradise if for no other reason than that it is not an “Ultimate” or “Pro.”

This comes with a gift box, 2 rechargeable batteries, both chargers, and 25 cartridges made up of five packages. The price is definitely okay here, especially with so many cartridges included. My only thought is that fewer cartridges and more hardware (like a pass-through cigarette or car adaptor) would have been better.


The parts not included above are featured on the accessories page, such as a car adaptor and a personal charging case. Eonsmoke also has wholesale customers, so they might take advantage of better pricing than people off of the street, but the goods are priced reasonably. Get a pcc for $29.99 and replacement batteries for $12.99. Eonsmoke sells manual and automatic batteries. Their usual look is cigarette-like, but hot pink is available.



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