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The Halo Cigs review is fascinating. With the best-tasting refillable e-liquids, we’ve come to love the Halo brand.  Read our review and get a special discount.

A unique approach to designing the most sophisticated e-liquid you can buy, anyone who enjoys refilling their cartridges will enjoy our Halo Cigs Review.

What’s So Cool About Halo Cigs?

  • Immaculate branding makes their company’s product line stand out against the competition.
  • The ability to select from a wide variety of e-juice flavors like Malibu, Longhorn, and Tribeca.
  • The G6 starter kits are available in 9 different color schemes to suit all tastes.
  • The most diverse selection of products, including:  mini tanks, prefilled cartridges, Triton tanks, and highly sophisticated accessories.

Halo Cigs has become very popular with all types of e-cig users.  The Triton Tank system is one of the most powerful batteries on the market, and they also offer the more traditional e-cigarette battery type, making Halo Cigs the ONLY brand that has something for everyone.



Halo E Cigs are a sleek version of electronic cigarettes. They offer all the advantages of other e cigs like eliminating the chemicals which go into making ordinary cigs, reducing environmental damage, getting rid of the nasty smell on clothes and on people’s breath, and saving people money, especially since they also have e-liquid for those who refill their own.

Buy Online: http://halocigs.com


Two Basic Choices

Halo G6 Starter KitHere is where Halo becomes really interesting. Consumers choose from two lines: Triton Tank or G6 e cigs.

Their G6 products are equivalent to ordinary electronic cigarettes as found elsewhere over the internet. Triton Tank cigs are bigger, for those that want something like a Joye eGo type of battery.

G6 items come with an anti-burn system for safety, an enhanced battery, and (according to their website) the smoothness of even vapor. Select from multiple bright colors and several tobacco flavors. Added to those are a tropical blend, cocoa, and more.

Triton Tank is the next level of e cigs. The “tank” in this case is a larger supply of liquid to get more out of vaporizing, and the battery goes much longer than standard sized batteries. Think of it as a compromise between compact e cigs and larger vaporizers which, while small, are not as compact as electronic cigarettes.

If you are looking into tank systems, you’ll also want to check out VaporFi.

Their website: http://vaporfi.com

One HUGE difference with VaporFi is that their tanks and batteries are interchangeable with other tanks made by Kanger, Aspire etc., unlike those by Halo.

Like G6 items, flavors are great and colors are cool. The system is designed to be refilled, reducing one’s carbon footprint substantially.

Halo Triton Tank Starter KitStarter Kits from Halo

All established e cig companies prepare starter kits to encourage custom from new e-smokers. These are designed to give consumers the power to smoke and recharge batteries without having to buy anything else for a little while. The most likely addition you will make is more flavor cartridges or refill bottles.

With G6 kits the only choices you really make have to do with your favorite color (and they have a sick color selection), and automatic or manual battery. The same is true of Triton Tank kits which just come in real nice colors (we love the iridescent). Two batteries come with the kit, USB adaptor, and wall charger.

TT also gives you a cone, two tanks, and a case. When you buy a G6 starter kit, you will be asked to select a kit of cartomizers in a particular flavor and nicotine strength.

You may also want to read our VaporFi review here for more options for tanks and upgraded batteries.

Overall Review

E cig preferences are highly personal. How you feel about your product will have to do with vapor evenness (very good in this case) and whether or not you like the flavors they develop and offer. For individuals who are tired of brands which make their e cigs look like old-fashioned smokes, G6 and Triton Tank are much more vibrant and interesting to look at.

Halo E LiquidMost Stand Out Aspect Of Halo Cigs

We give them HUGE props for their e-liquid line, which is made in the USA. They have a bunch of flavors to choose from, and we love a ton of them.

Check out one of their sampler packs that come with 6 different flavors in small bottles.


Visit their site halocigs.com



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