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The Innokin Cool Fire I e cig is popular enough to have remained on store shelves long since the release of Innokin’s Cool Fire II, and both of these are exceptional pieces. Innokin turns out a good mod and has produced many popular models which vapers love. While the Cool Fire II has improved upon its predecessor, the shape is very different and so is the price, so you can see why some people would prefer to buy a Cool Fire I. We’ll get into that more closely below.

Cool Fire 1Innokin Cool Fire Review, Number One

The first Cool Fire is a simple stainless steel bolt, like a light saber wand before the laser is turned on. This tube mod costs around $50 and works with an 18350 battery. A microprocessor controls the device, regulating it to 8.5 watts.

A regulated e cig provides consistent power rather than losing some of its potency as an e cig as the battery reaches the end of its life. Instead of slowly losing voltage and using this as an indication that the battery should be recycled, a low voltage warning message tells the user to switch batteries.

That size of battery and maximum wattage accommodates ohms of around 2.0 or 2.1 comfortably so you won’t be vaping at sub-ohms or even low resistance: these are medium figures. An 18350 battery will last for a couple of days.

The tube for a Cool Fire I boasts an on/off switch so you can prevent accidental firing. This also prevents wasting battery power. A 7A fuse protects your atomizer and battery against short-circuiting.

There are vent holes in the battery casing (which is not a battery in its own right but the command center) to prevent it from becoming too hot. In the event that you keep pressing the button for too long, the Cool Fire will switch off. It has a 510 connection so you can add various tanks: an iClear and others. Extension tubes are available if you want to use an 18650 battery.

Cool Fire 2The Innokin Cool Fire II

Internally, there are many similarities between Cool Fire I and Cool Fire II. They both have those 7A fuses and various protective features like automatic shut-off and user warnings. They are run by microprocessors and connect to the same types of tanks.

The Cool Fire II, however, operates between 7 and 12.5 watts, adjustable using a button. Externally, this is a very different product. Instead of a tube, consumers are buying a grenade-shaped device. It stands out in a crowd compared to its little brother.

But consumers are also paying more for the Cool Fire II. Add about $20 to $40 onto the price. This might include a tank, but vendors set prices to what purchasers will pay.

Which Is Better?

In most respects, the Cool Fire II is a better machine. Although regulating watts on the Cool Fire I was a smooth move on the part of Innokin, customers have more control over the Cool Fire II. With a higher maximum wattage, you might manage lower ohms, though not sub-ohms, but the battery is still just 18350.

What customers will love most about the Cool Fire II is not its performance but its unique shape. While pricier than the earlier version, this second version of the Cool Fire is still an affordable variable wattage mod.

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