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Innokin iTaste is one of the hottest e-cig items on the market today. You can tell just by looking at these machines that they are designed with the advanced vaper in mind. Designs are clean, flawless, and modern. Nearly every major e-cig retailer dealing in advanced vapers carries Innokin products. Here is an iTaste review to whet your appetite.

Options To Buy Online:


This is where I bought the iTaste VV V3.0 starter kit (pictured below), I love their site!

They have a great selection, and prices, and they carry more than Innokin.


I bought the MVP at:


(another very nice online vapor store worth checking out!)

The Innokin ITaste E Cig Line

Innokin’s iTaste series is a very long one, although in part because they released multiple or upgraded editions of certain items. The entire iTaste series consists of MVP, VV, 134, VTR, SVD, DRV, EP, CLK, and Arachnid mods.

View them one by one at Innokin or browse vendors in search of iTaste or Innokin products specifically. Their mods fall into almost every price range and several categories, so you will probably stumble upon one just about every place you look.

Most Popular Player

innokin itaste mvp 3.0

The MVP is perhaps the most popular member of this series. At least, it shows up all around. Most vendors sell the MVP 3.0 now although there are still many of the previous versions available and at reduced prices. This battery bank could be the power source for another iTaste product.

VV 3 and VV 4

Innokin ITaste VV4

Innokin’s variable voltage and variable wattage battery, shaped like a pillar, has offered flexibility to vapers. They can vape in the usual way with a regular iClear 16 or 30 or they can attach a slightly bigger tank like a Nautilus. Low ohms are achievable and temperatures are variable enough to suit someone using e liquid or wax. There’s even a little screen.

EP Vape Pen

iTaste EP

It comes in different colors from the VV 3 and VV 4 but is the same shape, so an EP might be regarded as its little brother. Innokin had a pen in mind when they designed this iTaste product: there’s even a clip so you can wear it in your pocket. Friends will be surprised when they ask to borrow it and find it doesn’t write anything. The EP comes in 6 colors and is rated 650 mAh.

Innokin iTaste 134 Series

itaste 134

This is a big tube-style mod, that has nothing to do with discretion. It’s the type of mod that some would say resemble a skyscraper.

It is a beautiful piece, with numerous advanced vaping options for someone looking for a powerful device, and one that they are very unlikely to lose!

Choose from 4 types of 134 including a Mini, but I will just quickly talk about the regular-sized iTaste 134. It’s a tube-shaped mod, but it’s not like any ordinary tube: it’s got columns built in like a piece of Roman architecture. The bottom is plunger-shaped as though you’re going to use this as a syringe at a later date. Switch between 6.5 watts and 12.5 watts, mostly by 1-watt increments. A microprocessor provides the intelligence, control, and safety. It uses an 18650 battery for lots of power and performance.


iTaste VTR

Here is another variable item: 3V to 6V or 3W to15W to be exact. Turn a dial situated at the very top and this will find your ideal power level. Next to this wheel you notice your mouthpiece sticks up, but not as far as you expected. Along one side threading is built into a tube attached to the mod’s body but stopping about half-way. Your clearomizer or tank is attached here and protected by a ring attached from above. This will dictate the maximum width of your tank or clearomizer, but an iClear 30 should be just fine. The VTR uses an unprotected 18650 battery cell and a highly compatible connector.



Up until the DRV was released, drivers got their vaping pleasure by either being prepared with a charged battery or by using a car charging adapter to replenish a battery. Innokin created the DRV specifically for drivers to vape on the road. It has big controls so it is easy to see when changing voltage from 4.2 to 6.4 at 0.2V increments. The lowest resistance you can reach is 1 ohm: pretty low for the car, so don’t get lost in the clouds.

CLK 1280

iTaste CLK 1280

Innokin designed a few versions of these including the “Sport” model. It’s engraved with images of basketball or soccer players and comes in the same colors as other CLK designs: pink, blue, silver, black, and white. “1280” stands for its battery rating. This protected device uses a 510 connector and a colored light code to show when your battery is fully charged, mid-range, or almost out of charge. This is the standard iTaste battery-light system: green for full, yellow for half-way, and red for “needs charging.”



You might think of this as a complement to the SMOK Magneto or as a copy. SMOK’s battery has the spider: the Arachnid provides his web. Like the Magneto, the Arachnid is a telescopic mechanical mod using all 18-series batteries. Choose blue, red, or black.

SVD 2.0

SVD 2.0

We don’t have space to talk about all of the iTaste products, not here, but this last one needs to be mentioned because it’s a hybrid of Chinese and American innovation. Innokin placed the Evolv DNA chip in their 20W mod for safety and control. Evolv’s chip allows low-ohm vaping at relatively low temperatures and protects users from the usual issues that arise with variable watt vaping: short circuit, low voltage, high temperatures, and more. A vertical screen shows values you control using a large firing button and two adjustment buttons.

The iTaste VV V3.0

Advanced vapers want maximum battery capacity and easy control of their personal vaping machine. The iTaste VV V3.0 offers 3.5v to 5.0v (6-11watt) power variation which the user sets. Like a mini computer (there is a microprocessor inside the unit) it even remembers your usual settings.

Innokin iTaste VV V3.0 Starter Kit

A short circuit feature means you are never at the mercy of faulty manufacturing. If, by some chance, the atomizer does not work properly, your whole system will not short out. The 510 thread of iTaste is compatible with several clearomizers from Innokin and elsewhere.

Reviewers typically give this product more than 4 stars. The price is reasonable at a discount site where an Express Kit costs $30.95 for the funky square device, a USB charger, and an 800mAh battery. It is not for timid new vapers because it requires so much input, and also because customers have to buy clearomizers and e-liquid separately.

MVP from iTaste

For even more power try the MVP 2.0 (2.0 indicates that this is mach 2).

Innokin iTaste MVP kit

Its battery has a whopping 2600mAh capacity and similar voltage/wattage variation. This allows you to set the power in combination with the resistance of your atomizer. Since iTaste is compatible with many brands of clearomizer/atomizer, there can be a range of resistance figures.

The MVP gets even higher ratings over its cousin, but iTaste is consistently well-loved by vapers. The greatest reason here is that the high-power battery is a workhorse of the industry. With 2600mAh, you produce a lot of wonderful vapor for many pleasurable hours.



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