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Excellent reviews on the internet tell vapers of a great place to shop online: JJVapes. This superstore adds its name to several other great vendors which consumers can put their trust in for information, fair pricing, and fast shipping. They even ship to domestic US addresses at no charge, which goes to show how much they appreciate their customers.

JJVapes is an all-purpose store carrying assorted tanks, electronic equipment, juices, and accessories. They also favor products by Vapor Tactics and House of Hybrids: whole sections are set aside for those brands. You will still find the most popular names listed here: Kanger, Aspire, and more.

jjvapes tanksTanks and Clearomizers

Pricing for the top models and brands is very good at JJVapes. Their list includes top-rated sub-ohm tanks such as the JoyeTech Delta II, Smok VCT, Kanger Subtank (and the Mini), plus the Aspire Atlantis. You need items like these if you use variable watt mods firing at 40W and more.

For the less demanding vaper, there are two sizes of Aspire Nautilus, the Kanger T3D and T3S, Smok Pyrex Aerotank and Kanger Aerotank (not to be confused with each other). Alongside tanks and clearomizers are coils to fit them. There are iClear 16 clearomizers in many colors to match vibrant batteries.

Batteries at JJVapes

You will find the Vision Spinner 2 and EVOD by Kanger on this list. I won’t mention specific Innokin products: just the fact there are lots of them which is typical of an all-purpose vape store.

When you get to the mod batteries, there are far more items to choose from: brands like Efest, Sony, MNKE, and others. Their chargers are brand-name, high-end Nitecore items; the types you can rely on for safety and which are recommended by experts.

Starter Kits are listed separately, not among batteries, but I’ll talk about them here because two of them contain the Kanger EVOD. A one-battery set costs $35; two-battery kits go for $65. These are reasonably priced bundles for intermediate vapers and even brand-new users who know a cost-effective method of smokeless smoking when they see one.

Accessories for E Cigs

This list is so short it barely registers. There is definitely room to grow here when all you have to choose from is a needle bottle, Koga cotton, and ceramic tweezers. I have to admit that some of their accessories are listed elsewhere: drip tips, for instance, or chargers.

I would still love to see a few more offerings here such as more affordable drip tips made from acrylic or anodized aluminum, but that doesn’t seem to be JJ’s style (whoever JJ is). He has his eye on finer products. Lots of vendors carry cheap drip tips, so I guess he doesn’t feel he needs to add his name to the list.

jjvapes devicesHigh End Electronics

Now we get down to the expensive stuff: adjustable vaporizers and mechanical mods. In my eyes, the list was automatically interesting when I saw the VaporShark rDNA 40 which is rarely shown and contains an authentic Evolv DNA smart chip with temperature control.

The ZNA30 and Vicious Ant Valkyrie are also lesser-seen, high-quality items. That is not the case with an IPV4 by Pioneer4You which is still a quality piece of machinery but hardly rare. It’s a box mod that turns up in a lot of places and is hugely popular with the sub-ohm crowd.

Special Brands

Search this section for the authentic ZNA, various colors, tanks, and PVs by House of Hybrids. Under “Vapor Tactics” you will find one of the most expensive lines of drip tips the market carries: $31 metal tips sub-headed “Groovey,” “Stainless Steel,” “Silvia,” and “Smoothies.”

E Juices at JJ’s Place

A selection of e juices sold by JJVapes includes names you would expect to see carried by a subscription company specializing in gourmet brands. Buy flavors from Jimmy the Juice Man, Charlie Noble, Trippy Drips, and Teleos. Try juice by Drip Nation, Persona, or Northern Lights.

Together, their assorted styles supply a strong selection of flavors and styles, but there’s more. JJVapes also lists a menu of their own liquid sold in blends of 50/50, 70/30, or 20/80 and up to 24 mg of nicotine. Take away 50 cents for choosing zero nicotine or add 50 cents for triple flavor but a 10-ml bottle generally costs $4.99.

What I Like about JJVapes

The assortment of products here is excellent: from intermediate devices to advanced gear. They do not sell low-end, 510-style items or KR808D mini cigs. I am impressed that they ignore low-quality products in favor of the better things in vaping life and even support specialists like House of Hybrids and Vapor Tactics, even if they are over-priced. I would have been surprised and disappointed had they listed cheap Chinese e juice and am thankful they stuck with US e liquid.

What I Dislike about JJVapes

A lot of products needed explanations they did not receive. One cannot simply assume customers know all they need to learn about an IPV4 or a VaporShark rDNA VW mod before placing an order: details need to be shown on the page. If they aren’t, customers look elsewhere and might even end up ordering from someone else.

I see a similar story with the company bio: if you list an “about us” page, surely it should say something. What does it tell me when a firm chooses not to share their story?

There was nothing to see here; as though a heading was created in the hope that one day someone would write something. Their popularity suggests that they have time to think of what to say. JJVapes isn’t going anywhere.

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