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Joyetech is an old school electronic cigarette brand that is the entryway for a lot of vapers out there. We’ve reviewed a number of their products, and all their products are decent vaping devices.

The Joye eGo

Joyetech eGo Starter KitOne of their pinnacle devices is the eGo battery, which is now carried by many vape shops online (you can’t buy direct from Joyetech).

Go here to read our eGo e cigarette review. Joyetech E Cigs provided further technological advancement with their EVic: Vapor Intelligent Cigarette.

The 510 is a starter cig for many e smokers, and we enjoyed it initially, though we quickly moved on to much better products in our opinion. We’ve also used a couple of eGo models from various brands.

On the topic of upgraded e-cigs (such as the eGo), you may want to check out our Vaporfi review.

The Joye 510 – The Basic Starter E-Cig

Joye 510-T Starter kitTons of people started out with the 510. It is a decent e-cig, and can be revolutionary to anyone when they first try out vaping, which was the case of several of our review team.

It does the job, and it is pretty fairly priced. Now that we have been vaping for some time, there are some much improved e-cigs over the 510, where things like battery life are much better.

For regular sized electronic cigarettes that resemble a regular cigarette, you may be interested in our V2 cigs review.

One big aspect we prefer with our top rated brands is that you can buy direct from the company, and they are US companies, whereas Joyetech is based in China.

The eVic

The eVic gives users total control over their vaping experience. Set the stick for a certain number of puffs, a voltage you prefer, and even use computer software to control your tiny machine. The e cig keeps a record of how you use it regularly so that it will achieve your ordinary settings unless you override them.

Technical Vaping

A Joyetech eVic starter kit comes with a lot of parts. Whereas regular e cigs come in two parts which screw together, these cigs are a bit more complicated. You have a control head, battery tube, changeable atomizers, and a front cap.

You can change the tube casing, battery, front cap, atomizer, and head independently of each other either as they wear out or when you want a new look or feel. This makes your electronic devices last longer, making them cheaper in the long run and more efficient.

Although this starter kit with its USB cable and wall adaptor is quite expensive (over $100 USD), the battery is very stable. The whole system is designed for a larger capacity and longer vaping periods.

A New Slim Way to Smoke

As Joyetech puts it, the small, slim e-roll is for people who want portable cigs and are concerned about fashion. Although it only provides a 90MAH battery, it gives 3.7 volts of power. It looks lightweight but provides an authentic e-smoking experience. A portable charging case will see you ready to vape on demand and is easy to carry around without making extra space in your handbag. A pocket will do.

The Joys of Juices

Joyetech has developed three juice series: fruit, tobacco, and others, each one extensive. Tobacco flavors replicate Asian, Middle Eastern, mint, and other types of tobacco familiar to former smokers, even cigar smokers. Each type is similar to a traditional type of cigarette tobacco, perhaps one familiar to smokers in Africa, China, the United States, or France. Stick with what you know or expand your horizons.

Thirteen fruit flavors bring the tropics, autumn tastes, and summer delights to your palate. Try pineapple, apple, or cherry. Opt for lemon, blueberry, or grape. Kiwi and nectarine are unusual in this market, while blackberry is sure to remind you of falling leaves.

Alternative flavors are creative and eye catching. Ever tried whisky smokes, or coffee cake? Most people would say they have not unless they are Joyetech smokers already. Chocolate, coffee, cinnamon, and strawberry champagne are also on the list. The only trouble you can expect to have is not despairing of finding a flavor of juice you like but of choosing which ones to try first.

Each bottle of juice comes with as much as 16 mg of nicotine and can contain none if you are trying to give it up.

We have not tried their e-juice, as where we purchased our Joye e cigs, they carried different juices so that is still on the review agenda one day.

With their e cigs, you can use any e-liquid, and so with your Joyetech e-cigarette, you can still try out brands like V2 Cigs and Halo Cigs who sell e-juice, and are two of our top picks for our favorite flavors, and Vaporfi custom blends juices!




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