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Pax Labs is known as the maker of the PAX 2: their upgrade of the original PAX portable herb vaporizer. The company has recently released an even more innovative product; one which vape critics, consumers, and the company itself are referring to as the e cig form at its best; “Smoking Evolved” as their website says.

The JUUL E Cig looks like nothing you have ever seen in this industry before and could truly revolutionize the way electronic vaping devices are made in the future.

Rechargeable Device

The Pax JUUL E Cig is rechargeable, but you would not believe it just by looking at this mini vaporizer from a distance. Where does the battery go? There is no room, you would think, for a cell big enough to power vapor production.

The fact is batteries are getting smaller but still doing what they used to be capable of and more. This one is built into the JUUL and is recharged using a port at the side. The micro-USB port is also tiny, like the kind seen on iPhones. The JUUL comes with a magnetic USB charger: these are all the rage. In spite of its small size, the JUUL sounds like something you could pit against an eGo cig.

No Buttons

Operation of the JUUL is completely automatic: you don’t press a single button. Just puff and enjoy. Of course, that is after you pop in a flavor pod and your battery has to be charged up. A light on the side shows you where your battery’s charge level is at: green for full, yellow for medium, and red for nearly dead. This is much like the system at Innokin. They use this battery-light indication method with iTaste products like the MVP and CLK.

Quite a Production

Pax Labs and vapers agree that you can expect to experience twice the nicotine hit and 3 times the vapor from JUUL as leading brands of vaporizer can produce. They put it down to the nicotine salts. No one has extracted nicotine salts from tobacco leaves before for this purpose, at least.

But it is these salts which give you the stronger hit compared with e liquids and other smokeless-smoking products, as well as excellent flavor. Pax Labs also credits their liquid-to-wick system for consistency of flavor and vapor production.

Pod Replacements

The only drawback I can see where the JUUL is concerned has to do with their flavor pods which are also a positive innovation depending on how you look at them. They are a lot like cartomizers in the sense that Pax pre-fills them.

No mess is involved. They contain 0.8 ml of liquid and 5% nicotine. The $49.99 starter kit comes with 4 flavors: Tabaac, Mint, Fruut, or Bruule. You can also pick up a multi-pack plus a 15% discount for auto-shipments.

JUUL assembles and fills their pods in the United States (Pax Labs is based in San Francisco, CA). The airway is made of stainless steel, they employ a nichrome coil, and any plastic employed in the making of a JUUL is food-grade, BPA-free.

What could possibly be negative about the JUUL pod? For one thing, your flavors are currently limited. Secondly, there is no refill option (yet); bottles of nicotine salts costing considerably less per milliliter. It’s early, though: I can imagine Pax Labs developing refillable pods and new flavors sold in bottles, just not in the near future.

More Thoughts

I love the profile of a JUUL which is so small you could hide it in even the smallest pants pocket or pass it off as something completely unrelated to vaping. With no firing button to accidentally press, you won’t mistakenly use up the battery or materials. Its resemblance to a memory stick for your computer is uncanny but intentional.



  • Pete says:

    Being a vape fan for about three+ years, no device has done a good enough job for me to put down the cigarettes as the JUUL has done! On week two since receiving it, I have smoked only about a half a pack of cigarettes as the JUUL has been a true Godsend as the hit from it is SO close to a real cigarette, Pax simply nailed it with this new and fairly hip e-Cig, a real game changer in the vape industry that will give competition a real run for their money!

    Hats off to Pax Labs for the JUUL!

    Sonora, CA.

  • Rob says:
    5 stars

    I wanted to second what Pete said. I’ve tried many ecigs and they don’t hit hard enough or curb the cravings for a real cig. Since getting juul I haven’t had a cig in 58 days.

    I know they don’t sell them for cessation but that’s probably for legal reasons but they’re working for me, although now I have to quit them eventually :)

    I love the mint and tobacco flavors and actively switch between the two during a vape session. Hopefully they make a combined flavor cartridge some day.

  • chris bugenhagen says:

    my juul seems too take a long time to charge once it goes to red when I bought it the man told me that it would take 20 to 30 mins to charge from red too green

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