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Kanger Tech is one of the original players in the electronic cigarette manufacturing space.  They manufacture items for some of the largest names in the business.

Almost all of the large e-cig companies have to source something from Kanger Tech, due to their massive production capacity and virtual stranglehold on the market.  A very respected name, they go back to this industry to the year 2007, which makes them a dinosaur.

Of course, all Kanger products are CE, RoHS, and SGS certified.

When you hear the name “KangerTech” or just “Kanger,” what comes to mind? Do you think of a particular product like their EVOD batteries or tanks and eGo starter kits? Maybe the Protank is what you think of. Perhaps you simply associate “Kanger” with “quality.” This Chinese e cig manufacturer based in Shenzhen, the heart of e cig production in China, has been operating since 2007. That makes them one of the oldest e cig businesses in the world.

KangerTech Products

Let’s start with a KangerTech review, listing products you might have heard of and some less well-known hardware as well. Vapers are familiar with the EVOD, Protank, Aerotank, and T2 clearomizers. T3S clearos are also fairly familiar.

Other items include the EMOW, IPOW, and their new Subtank. If you buy a Kanger starter kit, it probably comes in a soft case with one 650-mAh EVOD battery and one of their inexpensive clearomizers such as a T2 plus a USB charger.

Subtank for Sub-ohms

The hot trend among vapers is to buy a high-watt box mod and create huge clouds of vapor, sometimes for competitions. These vapers tend to like rebuildable dripping atomizers and high-vegetable glycerin liquids which are extremely viscous and ideal for low-resistance atomizers.

Kanger’s Subtank was built just for situations like these.

Kanger subtank mini

If you have a VaporShark Box Mod or another variable wattage mod with a built-in smart chip, your atomizer should be able to handle ohms below 1.0.

If it does not, why did you buy a variable wattage mod with settings of 20W or more? A number of tube mods are also designed for high-watt vaping. In this case, you need a device that will take you down to low readings, and the Subtank will do that for you.

This Hybrid tank made from stainless steel is capable of 0.5-ohm resistance which makes it perfect for 15W to 30W settings. The 1.2-ohm setting on this tank will operate at between 12W and 25W. Obviously, a Kanger EVOD Twist is not enough for such an advanced level of vaping but numerous excellent devices by Smok, Sigelei, Pioneer4You, and HanaModz are suitable.

The Hybrid Subtank uses a Pyrex tube which is durable and also suitable for tank-cracking e liquids. Airflow is adjustable so you can change the draw resistance. An organic cotton coil (OCC) contributes to the originality of this new product by Kanger which is threaded for 510 devices. Each kit comes with 2 screws, a screwdriver, and 3 small seal rings. Choose the Mini version (22 mm) or a Nano (18.5 mm).

An Aerotank in Multiple Sizes

Like the Protank and Subtank, this popular reliable tank from Kanger is made in various sizes for large or standard devices. The Turbo version holds a whopping 6 ml of liquid, features 2 Dual Coils, and offers adjustable airflow.


SUS304 Stainless Steel makes it hygienic and durable. You can adjust the battery connection part to fit a variety of battery models, but this is a 510-threaded tank measuring 30 mm.

Kanger EVOD: Inspirational

Both the tanks and batteries for this Kanger line have been copied many times which goes to show how good they are. The EVOD style is what you find with many brands as their eGo set up. An EVOD tank is distinctive with its colored sleeve and narrow viewing window plus the slightly curved mouthpiece on top.

Kanger EVOD


It is an efficient and high-quality tank while the battery provides a reliable inroad into the world of eGo vaping. When you want to move away from cigalikes or in preference to mini cigs as a starting point, the Kanger EVOD is simple to use. Kanger’s smallest version is a 650-mAh battery, but there are also higher-strength and Twist versions.


The IPOW is a 1600-mAh or 650-mAh battery with a Twist variety. The EMOW is a Twist battery measuring 1300 mAh. When you buy a Twist battery (also referred to by some brands as a Spinner), a small knob has been built into the base of the cell.


This knurled knob can be turned to adjust voltage a little bit: from 3.7 volts to 4.8 volts or something close to that range. They introduce vapers to the idea of altering the temperature of their vapor without becoming complicated and intimidating.

Colors of Kanger

Although some retailers do not offer the full range of colors, Kanger EVOD batteries come in numerous shades from pink and orange to blue and purple. IPOW and EMOW batteries are sold by Kanger in silver and black. All of these cells are compatible with Kanger tanks and clearomizers such as the Aerotank, EVOD, T2, T3S, and MT3S.

If you are using high-end juices, consider the high-end Aerotank or Protank (which is now in its third version). For low-priced, high-propylene glycol (or 50/50) e liquids, a simple T2 is fine. There are lots of colors in this category and they are much more affordable, although they are not designed for rebuilding or adjusting.

The Affordability of Kanger

You can’t buy items directly from KangerTech unless you are a retailer yourself placing a wholesale order. If you are a vendor, Kanger has some excellent deals on offer as is generally true of Chinese factories.

They can produce e cig hardware much more cheaply than is true of American electronics manufacturers. Although standards are not monitored in the same manner in China as in the United States, consumers have found that they can trust Kanger to produce excellent, long-lasting products.

Not only are they good, but these cells and tanks are inexpensive. Compared with boutique items, Kanger keeps prices well within affordable limits. A 650-mAh EVOD battery will often be listed for around $16 or $17. This is exceptional considering the markup on the same type of battery when it is given the logo of an American company.

It was probably made by Kanger, yet the price is higher. Where price is concerned, you are better off buying your batteries from online vapor stores than from American brands. You can always fill Kanger tanks and clearomizers with American e liquid and still support national companies that way.

Kanger holds nothing back, and even has this video showing their entire operation. From sales floor to manufacturing, it’s all there.

Their address in China is:

Building A1, No 66 West He’xiu road, Fuyong Town, Shenzhen,China.



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