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Local Vape can be your local vape no matter where you live. The brick and mortar store is in Mesa Verde Plaza, Costa Mesa, California. Their online store reaches out to everyone across the United States.

A Local Vape Review

Here is a rundown of what they sell in short: mechanical mods, rebuildable atomizers, accessories, and e-liquids. Brands include Budz Worx, Chief Vapors, Tobh, and Tarsius. That’s just the start.

Buy Rebuildable atomizers and dripping atomizers by CMII, the IGO Series, JPGE, and Qoppa. Choose pre-punched cartomizers in packs of 5 by Boge or cases by JoyeTech. Select mechanical mods by Flawless, Innovape, and MM Vapors.

The e-liquid menu contains brands like Adam Bomb, Buckshot, Jackson Vapor, Lighthouse Liquid, Ruckus, and Time Bomb Vapors. Between them and their counterparts, e-liquids are diverse enough to satisfy tobacco and menthol lovers, consumers who favor fruit, and vapors searching for that perfect pudding.

Authentic and Expensive

All of their products are authentic. None of them are low-priced, inferior-quality clones of the real thing. In other words, prepare a splint for your credit card and take your heart pills. The Tarsius 4Nine costs $210. A Nautilus Atty is $100. Pay $85 for the Tobh Atty. But these are high-quality items made to be rebuilt and designed to create the thickest possible clouds of vapor.

Et Tu Drip Tips?

Even drip tips for your atomizers tend to be on the costly side. They are not generic acrylic or rubber pieces but top-class drips made for use with authentic atomizers. You could pay $34 for an Innovape Pyrex Silencer Drip Tip which is as much as many low-priced atomizers cost. A $15 tip will look cheap by comparison.

Choosy about Juice

If some American e-liquid is a top-class, big-seller getting rave reviews, Local Vape will probably carry it. They tend to sell liquids made by companies that do not sell directly. Notice that Local Vape does not carry NicQuid, Hangsen, and other Chinese, factory-made juices. Their list mostly comes from Southern California, well known as a hub for complex and award-winning nicotine juices made by hand in small batches. The menu listed above is merely a start to what they carry and it could shorten or lengthen at any time as new, exciting liquids come onto the market.

A Few Accessories

One up-side of online sales is convenience: you give Local Vape your credit card details and wait for an exciting parcel to show up. There is also the potential to reach loads of people around the country.

A down side is that managers do not show everything they sell in the online catalogue. Their selection of accessories is slim over the internet. Perhaps they offer more choice in person. Choose Joyetech eGo cases in multiple colors and patterns for $15 each (too much), Joyetech eGo chargers ($7, not bad), replacement tanks, t-shirts, and Royal Wires. There are more items, but a lot of apparel interspersed with legitimately useful items.

About the Store

At some point last year Local Vape moved premises to a larger store. That meant they were able to carry more stock, but more stock can’t make up for poor staff. Many consumers reviewing the store were one-time customers who said they wouldn’t go back. Treatment by staff was less than friendly, even rude. The vibe was weird unless you fit in, fitting-in meaning wearing numerous tattoos and piercings.

In many cases, tattooed and heavily-pierced associates do a great job of making people feel at home whatever age they are or whatever style they prefer. This is not the case at Local Vape. As one person wrote, they put on an air that says they are too cool for their customers. In the business world that is a problem. Their owner or manager does not even reply to these comments online so if there is any response, the public can’t see it.

Believe it or not, bad press can become good press if the manager tries to make it right. There could be plenty of happy or merely satisfied customers out there who do not write a report online but it’s the exceptionally bad or good experiences that tend to be posted. If the manager responds to negative comments by apologizing and showing he is determined to make the situation better, he looks good. That’s what customer service is about: damage control and humility. Show consumers that they are your number one priority and they are willing to give you another chance. Local Vape has missed its chance.

Local Vape opens its doors 7 days a week, starting at 10:30 in the morning. If you get off work at 5 when most businesses shut, Local Vape’s doors are still open. They shut at 8:00pm from Monday to Saturday and at 7pm on Sundays.

Stock is pretty extensive and wide-ranging, but don’t bother coming in if you are a newbie or only intermediate. Local Vape concentrates on selling advanced devices. I looked for anything less complicated than a mechanical mod. An eGo case is about the best as low-tech as you will find, but that’s okay. Every store has its niche. For Local Vape, their niche market is advanced users.

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