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MadVapes has been selling e juice, e cigs, and parts to vapers since 2009. Their menu contains some novel and unusual items you might not have seen anywhere before. Let this MadVapes review uncover the usual and the unusual featured on their site.

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Mod Claw

Usually, if you want to clip a vaping device to your belt ring you just fix it onto a lanyard. Some mods do not fit with a lanyard, so you have to put them in a case and carry them around in your purse or briefcase.

The answer to this dilemma is to use a Mod Claw. MadVapes kindly lists devices it definitely does and does not work with, but states this list is not complete. If the device you use is not listed under either heading, MadVapes cannot guarantee it will fit in the claw securely.

E Cigs

One model sold at MadVapes is a menthol 510 disposable kit with USB, three 24-mg menthol cartridges, and a battery rechargeable up to 5 times labeled “disposable.” It also comes with a blank cartridge you can fill with your own liquid. MadVapes has reviewed the item and discovered that 5 charges is a conservative estimate: they managed many times more charges, and all of this costs less than $10.

I cannot understand how they are able to do this unless:

• Vapor production, throat hit, and flavor are substandard
• Lack of a brand name makes it cheaper
• The device is flimsy and cheap-looking

Even one-time disposable electronic cigarettes usually cost at least the same price or more. Consumers are happy with the product, so MadVapes must have something up their sleeves.


E liquids at MadVapes include TopVapor, Dekange, and Hangsen. Flavors are the usual heady selection of multiple tobaccos, menthols, drinks, and treats. Get your daily fruit serving with apple cider or apricot e liquid. Hazelnut should make a nice change.

Most vapor stores, like this one, are conscientiously offering liquids made with vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol for customers who express a strong preference either way. A 10ml bottle of e juice costs as little as $1.79.


Not all but many e cig stores give their customers reward points when they shop. At MadVapes, the rate is 5% per purchase which comes back to you in the form of points. This is easy to understand and a bonus if prices are good to begin with, which they seem to be.

Visit: http://madvapes.com

Here’s a couple videos we did with some of their products – hard to beat their prices!



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