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Here are the most recent Mistic E-Cigs coupon codes, deals and promotions for the summer of 2015, followed by a review of the brand:

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E cig companies are getting ambitious about their devices and e liquids, adding new and more powerful items. V2 Cigs and VaporFi have branched out into vaporizers for dry herbs. Some go crazy with their e liquid flavors (VaporFi) or provide too many types of starter kits (NuvoCig).

Websites become heavy with options and the new vaper feels intimidated. Not at Mistic E Cig: here you will be met with just enough choices not to feel bored.

mistic e cigs logoMistic E Cigs Website

Enjoy the well-organized website from this company out of Charlotte, NC.

It’s divided into categories such as reviews, their blog, information about e cigs, and products. Go shopping or learn; read articles or discover the advantages of becoming an affiliate for Mistic.


Another plus from Mistic E Cigs is that their tanks and batteries are designed to work with accessories carrying other brands. For instance, the Bridge refillable tank (which is just a blank cartridge that looks niftier than most) works with Mark Ten and bluCig batteries. Always keep in mind that while mini cigs all look alike, they do not always fit each other.

The Bridge

Mistic’s tank is called a hybrid vaping product.

the bridge


That is because it can be attached to a mini cig battery or to their Haus vaporizer.

The major reason to choose this item is that you can fill it with any sort of e liquid you want, so long as it’s not high-vegetable glycerin juice.

Starter Kits: a Short List

Tired of wading through starter kits with too many extras and more than you strictly need to truly get “started?” Mistic E Cig starter kits contain just one or two batteries and two or three cartridges. The $14.99 kit with menthol or tobacco-flavored cartridges rated 1.8% for strength provides a USB charger.

Mistic Basic Kit

A package for $15 more comes with a second battery, 1 more cartridge, and a swivel wall adapter. That’s it for their mini cig starter kits.

Next up is their Haus Personal Vaporizer kit with a 650-mAh battery, USB charger, clear tank, and lanyard. It turns on and off and features a soft grip battery. Replace the tank for $7.99 and the battery for $14.99. E liquid is not included.

Bridge Kit *Hot New Item

This is listed in a separate section from starter kits. This image may or may not do it justice, but the battery and this new mini tank are really nice, aesthetically pleasing products.

Bridge Starter Kit

The battery has a beautiful metallic finish on it, with a hardened rubberized coating that adds a nice feel.

Between this battery, and the Bridge Tank, this is the coolest mini-cig we have seen in some time, as there isn’t another product out there like this mini clearomizer that we’ve seen!

E Liquid

Bottles of e liquid measure 10 ml, have a price tag of $7.99, and come in childproof bottles.

Haus e liquid

Select from berry, apple, American tobacco, mango, and more. The only nicotine level is 2.4%, but at least this is American-made e juice.

Cartridge Refills and Replacement Parts

You pay $14.99 for 5 or $21.99 for a pack of 10, so the cost per cartridge is anything from a notch over $2 to $3. Bulk packs are also available.

Select Tobacco, American Blend Tobacco, Menthol, or Cool Ice and a percentage from 2.4% down to zero. Batteries for the mini cig go for $9.99.

Buy a PCC for $14.99. This item holds one battery and 2 cartridges. Purchase disposable e cigs from Mistic E Cig for $5.99 each: tobacco or menthol, 2.4%.


Recycling with Mistic

Mistic is encouraging customers to recycle their empty cartridges and cells by offering an incentive. Send in 50 or more empty cartridges in exchange for a starter kit or a pack of 5 cartridges, either one of which is worth $14.99. They ask that you also send back empty batteries for recycling.

Become an Affiliate

Commission rates are usually between 10% and 25% from brand to brand. Mistic falls in the middle, offering 20% on sales of starter kits purchased via affiliate links or 15% on sales of other items. Affiliates who earn $500 or more in sales receive a bonus. Support and online promotional materials are available.

Rating Mistic E Cig

How would an experienced vaper rate this company’s products, pricing, and information? Generally, the impression they set is good. Their product lineup is fairly limited, but for a new vaper this is reassuring. He wouldn’t have to choose between automatic or manual batteries in three or four colors.

Then again, after using these e cigs for a while, a vaper determined to stay with mini cigs would miss things like the USB cig. I would also like to know how many milliamp hours the cigalike battery is rated for. Reviews and FAQ answers suggest their batteries last a whole day: I think they must be talking about the Haus battery.

Paying $14.99 for a pack of five cartridges is on the higher end; yet new batteries are reasonably priced at about a half or even one third of what other brands charge, and the cartridges are a decent size. Blank, reusable tanks costing $7.99 offer excellent value.

We liked their basic flavors such as menthol, tobacco and vanilla. The tobacco and menthol offered a nice traditional taste, both with a decent throat hit at 1.8 mg. (always remember that lower nicotine reduces the throat hit if that is a concern).

Overall, I’m impressed and would comfortably direct a new vaper to Mistic E Cig.

Shop Online: http://misticecigs.com

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  • jackie says:

    I was buying Mistic when it was first in Sam’s club but now they are the worst company to buy from i bought a 12 pack of 5 packs only 2 out of 10 worked !!! so I sent them back and they ripped me off. also they never answer the phone or return calls. the battery’s had a 1 year warranty now they have a 3 month warranty and don’t last a month and you have to pay to send them back.THEY ARE NOW THE WORST RIP OFF COMPANY FOR E-CIGS THEY KNOW WHAT THERE SELLING CRAP

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