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In the e juice world, every cryptic name stands for something. MNG stands for Mr. Nice Guy, which is how Americans tend to portray themselves. They are the good guys, or in this case, nice guys, especially where e juice is concerned.

MNG puts their money where their mouth is, though, by supplying kosher, organic, American-made juice. Their nicotine comes from North Carolina. Flavorings are bought from American companies. Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are made in the US. Life as a patriotic vaper could not get much nicer.

MNG Vape Review

Here is a rundown of their three flavor lines. Two of them contain 20/80 ratios: high-vegetable glycerin for excellent clouds. The third is a 70/30 list.

The first lineup is their regular 20/80 selection containing flavors such as chocolate mint, caramel latte, Bavarian cream, and rainbow candy. They have root beer, watermelon, raspberry, Key lime pie, and jungle juice. Nicotine percentages range from 0 to 2.4%.

A Gourmet 20/80 menu contains flavors with a bit more complexity, but nothing unexpected. They aren’t exciting; just “nice.” Try Cinnamon Bun, Hot Nutz, Sugar Creamed Coffee, or one of three or four others (the line continues to expand).

For their high-propylene glycol selection, the list is not as long as it is for high-vegetable glycerin e liquids. MNG carries grape, apple, banana nut bread, and others.

An Unexpected Revelation

You always knew that e juice and e cig companies were marking up their products to earn big profits. The business is so young and unregulated that they can do this sort of thing. Customers do not usually know what the costs of these products are; the industry is too new and it all seems so high-tech; so exotic. Would they be surprised to know that the real cost to wholesalers of a 10-ml bottle of organic, kosher e liquid made in the United States is just $2.50?

If that’s true, then the company is making more than 200% profit on their own retail sales and other businesses that sell this juice (or buy and re-label it with their own name) might be making even more money.

Retail prices look to be $7.99 or $8.99 for a bottle (they don’t say how big). The gourmet juice is not sold for more at wholesale prices yet grabs another $1 here.

Start Your Own Business

MNG also offers customers a labeling service so you can create your own labels and order bottles of e liquid, but you must order a minimum of 7,000 bottles. The labels are free. You only pay for the e liquid.


MNG doesn’t go into hardware in a big way. The only e cig on their website is the Vision Spinner Battery II for $29.99. It’s a strange selection, considering they don’t sell a tank. Also, one might expect them to list a dripping atomizer for use with their high-vegetable glycerin liquids.

One More Product

The last item on their list is a 60-ml blue glass bottle of Liquid X. I don’t really understand what it does. The label says “Transform herbal wax, concentrates, or oil into LX juice for e cigs or vaporizers.” That potentially warrants a whole other FAQ section.



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