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When electronic cigarettes were first introduced in the United States, there was a lot of excitement for smokers who used these as an alternative to smoking. They were led to believe they could now “smoke” anywhere: in public parks, at restaurants, in the staff room, their cars, and at home.

It turns out this is not generally true but is left to the discretion of business owners, bosses, and members of the public. If you are at the park where their kids are playing, watching your own children playing while puffing on a vape stick, there is a chance of having strips torn off of you in an embarrassing exchange where voices (and doubts) are raised. For now it is not clear if e cig vapor is safe for the user or for second-hand vapers, but when NEwhere e cigs were launched, the company truly believed they were onto a good idea.

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NEwhere E Cigs

It is still likely that many club owners, restaurateurs, and even parents at playgrounds will not mind seeing you “light up” and when you do, you could be holding the NEwhere E-Hookah. This is how they refer to their product in actual fact, not as an e cig. There are several product sections but no rechargeable cigalikes. At NEwhere, you will find eGo-style pens, disposable pens, e liquid, and e cigars.

NEwhere 3 pack of disposablesDisposables Products

NEwhere of Chatsworth, CA, sells assorted devices for one-time use. Their e cigs and e hookahs cost $9.99 each and $19.99 for an e cigar called The Boss. Their e cigs contain 2.2% nicotine while e hookah pens do not have any nicotine in them and neither do e cigars.

Electronic cigarettes come in the following flavors: Grape Gusher, Refreshing Menthol, Classic Tobacco, and Wild Watermelon with a deal for buying three (all but the Grape Gusher): $28.49. If you order enough of a product at one time, there are considerable discounts.

The e hookah range includes Honey-Dew, Pineapple Coconut, Island Squeeze (pineapple orange) and Vanilla Thrilla. The same price arrangement applies: pay less by ordering more at one time.

E cigars come in Pineapple or Watermelon, both boxed and providing about 1,000 puffs each. They look like real cigars but taste anything but traditional.

E Juice at NEwhere

Order e liquid by the bottle; $7.99 for 15 ml. The ratio of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) is 50/50 with PG coming from the United States and VG from Malaysia. There are three possible strengths, but not for each flavor. Some contain 16 mg such as Cherry, Blueberry, and Vanilla. Certain styles contain 18 mg such as Menthol and Tobacco. There are non-nicotine varieties like Island Squeeze, Pina Colada, and Sour Appletini. A few more flavors are Pink Lemonade, Bahama Mama, Strawberry, Grape Gatsby, and Melon-Dew.

newhere elite 1.0The Elite 1.0 Kit

The Elite is a 650-mAh eGo product, simple as that. It comes with a 1.5-ml top-fill tank, stainless steel mouthpiece, and uses 2.1-ohm coils. The kit is priced $29.99. There’s not much to say: the tank is wickless, each kit contains a USB and wall charger, and NEwhere’s price is excellent.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Here is what you can do to earn some money while promoting NEwhere e cigs (but without promising anyone they can vape anywhere because that is not your guarantee to make). Sign up for free.

There are banners and links available to place on your website and your account is visible 24/7. Your site could be a Word Press blog about nicotine replacement, smokeless cigarettes, hookahs, or something apropos of e cigs.

You might run a site dedicated to helping veterans adjust to life after active service or anything that could be connected. When a person reads your page and clicks on the link, he is directed to NEwhere e cigs. If this person also makes a purchase, the link is encoded to indicate that you, the affiliate marketer, led a person to their website and catalogue. As a result, a commission on all sales is yours.

NEwhere E-Cigars

Packaging makes the Product

It is shameful in a way to admit, but sometimes excellent packaging is enough to make me take a second look; as important as hardware specifications. I’m not saying NEwhere isn’t a good product; just that if they had done a poor job with their website or product design I wouldn’t have really noticed them.

E cigs, e cigars, and e hookahs are packaged so beautifully that I want to give these as gifts. The company they reminded me of is White Cloud who also pull off that crisp, clean, flavorful look.

I mean everything when I refer to the “package.” Even though I don’t like the overlapping details on their web page as you scroll down, it is otherwise bright, colorful, and clear without being too busy.

Check out their site map and you will find they are offering a way to recycle products too. Send in 5 of the same line of products and they will send you one free item of the same kind free of charge. It’s always good news when a company encourages recycling, but to do so in such a tangible way is excellent. Consumers rarely see this. It’s not a bad thing they do not sell rechargeable products: many people will go from disposables to their Elite Kit without too much delay.

Shop Online: https://www.newhere.com

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