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In the vaping family known as IVG (International Vapor Group), NutriCigs is like the baby brother. His bigger siblings are Eversmoke, South Beach Smoke, and VaporFi. NutriCigs is the only purely disposable product IVG offers and is almost completely different from those other three.

Although all 4 brands sell at least one type of e cig product in the basic cigarette-like shape, and South Beach Smoke makes disposable e cigs available too, this lesser-known member of the family aims to provide health benefits besides the benefit of giving up smoking and turning to e cigs which is the primary advantage of vaping.

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But one customer comment I read on the site concerned me. A lady indicated that she was never a smoker: that these vaping supplements intrigued her so she bought some and noticed that they curbed her appetite as the label suggested they would.

She was speaking about the “Slims” version containing appetite suppressant ingredients. My concern with her statement is that she probably represents a group of customers who might never have smoked but are now vaping to try and lose weight. One hopes she and similar customers are in the minority.

Yet, the allure of finding an alternative way to feel more energized, get more sleep, or lose weight without taking drugs is powerful. Customers must make their own minds up about these things.

I just wonder if an e cig is the appropriate place to inject supplements when even vaping companies do not promote vaping to non-smokers. They don’t want to see people becoming addicted to nicotine either and none of these products is nicotine free.

NutriCigs Products

The menu is very small: e cigs to promote energy, slimming, and sleep. This last one also puzzles me since each item contains 1.8% stimulating nicotine without exception. As for the flavors, there are three for each sort of disposable e cig: tobacco and menthol or chocolate (with Sleep and Slim e cigs) or cherry (Energy).

With these flavors, IVG is clearly trying to appeal to smokers since most non-smokers aren’t interested in cigarette-style flavors. In this case, 1.8% nicotine might not be all that much and could be a lower dose than certain consumers are taking already.

Active Ingredients

Slim e cigs contain the appetite suppressant hoodia plus peppermint. The Energy version contains B2, B3, B6, and B12 vitamins, caffeine, tourine, glucuronolactone, and flavoring. One will find tryptophan, melatonin, tyrosine, and GABA.

Although they are labeled as 100% natural, that might only apply to the supplements since I can’t see any sign that NutriCigs is made from completely natural flavorings. If they did this fact would be more obvious. At least NutriCigs contains juice made in the United States and comes from the parent company responsible for many dependable products sold by NutriCigs’ siblings including e liquid.

Buy NutriCigs

These throw-away e cigs are available online for $12 each. This is a high price to pay for a disposable e cig but most of the cheaper ones you find online and in stores only contain flavorings and nicotine, not supplements. Some customers say they work; that inhaling vitamins as sleep aids etc is more effective than swallowing them. If that works for you, save some money and buy in bulk. Purchase a 12-pack for $119.88. This works out to the much more reasonable price of $9.99 each. They come in 4-packs for $47.99 and 8-packs for $87.99 as well.

NutriCigs is based in Wood Dale, Illinois, although VaporFi and friends come from Florida. In common with several other cigarette-like devices these ones light up when the user puffs on them (which is also how the atomizer is activated). A silicone tip ensures they feel soft between the user’s lips.

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