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OKC stands for Oklahoma City, where vapers will find all the pieces they need to vape on. OKC Vapes carries batteries, RBAs, starter kits, and tanks. Their stock is varied enough in type and cost to attract a varied clientele. This is an all-purpose shop for all levels of vapers.

Starter Kits at OKC Vapes

The cheapest starter kit comes from Oakley and costs $36.07. This is a mini-cig kit containing two 180mAh batteries, 510 blank cartridges, atomizers, and a charging kit. A 280mAh upgrade is available, or skip on over to eGos, also from Oakley.

An Oakley Haka Kit can be customized to cost from $49.15 to $105.45. Choose a 650 battery or an 1100mAh winder. Pick a type of tank or clearomizer you like such as the Aero, ViVi Nova, or Gemini Clearo. You can see how the price could grow, but it’s in your power to choose low-cost items and keep the bill at $50. Other starter kits have been pre-arranged for your convenience.

Innokin Packages

Several Innokin iTaste Kits are available such as the iTube VV, iTaste VV 3.0, and MVP 2.0. Prices vary and I would not say they are wonderful, but you have choices here and the price tags are comparable with what other companies are charging. You don’t get a deal, that’s all.

KangerTech Products

One of several Kanger products at OKC Vapes is an MT3S Clearomizer. This is what the T3S would look like if it were covered in metal. An MT3S has a viewing window and holds 2.4mls of e-liquid. Buy one at OKC vapes.

Batteries for Cigalikes, eGos, and Mechanical Mods

OKC Vapes carries eFest, MNKE, Sony, JoyeTech eGo, and Smok eMax batteries. Oakley batteries are much like their JoyeTech competitors but at a lower price. MNKE, eFest, and Sony make batteries for the mods also carried at OKC Vapes. As you can see, management carries many well-known brands to ensure high quality items get into the hands of their customers.

OKC Vapes Review: Mechanical Mods

The owners of OKC Vapes have chosen to carry and sell authentic mechanical mods, like the Cronus for $228 and a Brass Atom for $160. These are frequently out of stock. While clones are cheaper, they are not serialized or difficult to come by. Their scarcity is part of what makes a Cronus et al. so collectible. The other factor is their sheer beauty. At least, if they’re out of stock you don’t have to get all the way to the check-out to find out.

The Ember Copper Mod and a Fuego ($189 and $175, respectively) are just two more exquisite models on the site. An MCV Biomech Telescopic Mod costs $149.95. The Biomech is made in the Philippines using 304 Stainless Steel. It has a safety lock, and fires from the bottom. A Pisces Mini for $65 has enjoyed great reviews. Accessories for these devices are listed below the description page. More information about items would be helpful in some cases.

RBA’s at OKC Vapes: the Advanced Stuff

The 7-ml Nautilus features here for $30. Pay a little more for an AGT Titanium ($34.99), still more for the Caliber ($37.50). Cheaper models are the Igo-W4 ($20.99) and one of the cheapest prices for an RSST you will find: $19.95. These are items for customers who have worked their way up from minis, eGos, and APVs to become confident with their hardware — confident enough to rebuild and adjust it manually.

Accessories for Oklahoma City Vapers

Those items listed below a mod, the ones customers are recommended to purchase, could be drip tips, tanks, rebuild wire and wick, or batteries. Drip tips include pretty bunnies and other designer items. Buy cases, atomizers, clearomizers, and childproof bottle caps right here. They’ve even got a snap-on lanyard called the Aegis Titan for keeping your Mini Mod safely in your possession.

E-Liquid at OKC Vapes

The menu of juices at OKC contains Flowers and Spices, Tobacco, Warm and Smooth tastes, Sweet and Sour, Beverages, and Tobacco. Certain exclusive flavors are only available online, but the rest can be purchased in-house. The house blend is 60/40 propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin, but juices by Mister E-Liquid contain a 67/33 ratio.

Blends are made from USP vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, natural and artificial flavors and colors, and can be as strong as 3.6% nicotine. Take advantage of this opportunity to buy a higher-nicotine e-liquid now that so few brands go this high.

The Flavor of Vaping

Apple, Bourbon, Chocolate, Cantaloupe, Caramel Apple, and Cola are the 6 online exclusives. They cost $6.19 each for 10mls or just under $4 for 5mls. Prices are decent.

Flowers are Cherry Blossom and Clove. Dark Chocolate, Butterscotch, Coffee, Hazelnut Praline, and Cappuccino are Warm and Smooth. Try Dime Piece (peach candy) if you like a cross between Sweet and Sour on your tongue simultaneously. Cinnamon Red Hot and Tutti Fruitti follow the same pattern.

Rocky Dew, Mojito, and Hawaiian Punch are three beverages to moisten a dry throat. Dessert Sands represents Turkish tobacco. Casino “21” tastes like a rich, earthy analog cigarette with a substantial throat hit. Celebrate American independence by patriotically choosing 1778: American tobacco with a hint of vanilla. There are loads more flavors listed online.

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