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One of the most prolific e cig manufacturers in the world is SmokTech, maker of the Magneto, RSST, Zmax, SID and M80 Box Mod. Their products are typically in stock as they are made in large quantities. They are known for producing a little of everything mostly for advanced or intermediate vapers, and for the quality of their products.

At the same time, they make goods in a factory setting which allows them to produce thousands of items daily and pass on savings to wholesale customers. These wholesale customers pass on low prices to their retail customers: people like you and me. Online pricing for Smok products tends to be highly competitive.

Most importantly, vapers with Smoktech products are usually content, even passionate, when it comes to their devices.

Buy Smoktech at: http://madvapes.com

(they have a nice selection of SMOK items)

Chinese Manufacturing

Smok is one of the many e cig companies operating out of Shenzhen in China. Others you will have heard of are Innokin and Kanger plus numerous others. This is an electronics district with a reputation for churning out atomizers, e cigs, and chargers for the same.

Most American companies outsource their e cig products to Chinese manufacturers in this city. Some even get their products from brands like SmokTech but add their own logo. That’s why e cigs can be so affordable. If they were created in America, the price would go way up.

Products at SmokTech

Among their hardware is the M80 Box Mod.

xpro m50

Users can adjust through a range of 6 to 80 watts and between 3.7 and 4.2 volts. Atomizers for use with the M80 can provide a resistance of as little as 0.2 ohms to blow big clouds of vapor.

Choose from 4 colors: black, silver, grey, or gold. This box mod, an upgrade from the M50, is small: just 85 mm by 38 mm by 22 mm. You can expect the retail price to be roughly $50 to $60 from one of the country’s many all-purpose online stores carrying SmokTech products.

With the BEC Pro, customers download an App, connect their device to a cell phone (Android 4.3 Plus or IOS 6.0 Plus), and start vaping with this Bluetooth machine.


The BEC Pro is constructed from stainless steel. Users can adjust voltage and wattage, watching the screen for these values plus ohms and battery charge. It can also be threaded to 510 or eGo atomizers. Some might call this a gimmick; others would consider it stylish and modern. Not least among its advantages is that one could pass the BEC Pro off as an MP3 player instead of an e cig.

A Gimlet Cloud Tank was made for cloud chasing.

SMOK Gimlet cloud tank

This sub-ohm device features a nickel coil which detects the temperature of your atomizer. Resistance goes to a low of 0.2 ohms to work with 20W to 80W devices (like the M80). A Gimlet Cloud Tank holds up to 4 ml of liquid, is 510-threaded, and features organic cotton for exceptional flavor.

Consumers will find replacements for the cotton at many retailers. Pictures show that choosing organic Japanese cotton is very different from utilizing standard filler.

The VCT Sub-Ohm Tank is another one for viscous e liquids (e liquids made with a lot of vegetable glycerin or all-vegetable glycerin).


VCT stands for Vapor Chaser Tank. Use one of 4 cores for the atomizer and thread this tank to any 510 connection (like the M80 again or one of numerous other 510-threaded box and tube mods with variable wattage of 20 or more). Airflow on this 3.8-ml tank is adjustable. As you can see, Smok makes their hardware with other Smok products in mind.

Select the RSST-C, a popular atomizer at an affordable price. It features a drip tip, airflow hole, stainless steel mesh wick, and is rebuildable. On the side, you will also see CE Certification. The RSST-C is one of the most widely available atomizers from Smok.

TheĀ Kick

First of all, there is the Kick, a small device for boosting power for a 3.7volt mod. It costs $14.99 but allows vapers to adapt equipment instead of buying new mods with more power. The Kick can only be used with IMR batteries and metal mods, but when you have the right combination, your personal vaping unit will work with higher resistance atomizers and works from 3 to 12 watts. Expect it to work with Smoktech units.

Here is the strange thing: consumers either received duds or were ecstatic with their purchases. They love it or they could not use it and had to return their DOA device. There is no middle ground here, nor was the occasional unhappy customer an anomaly. This is the exception where Smoktech is concerned. Most people get what they pay for, perhaps better.

Thanks for DC Tanks

For Smoktech’s 510 DC tanks, reviews are consistently positive. Tanks hold 3.5ml or 6ml of liquid each, with resistance of 1.5 or 2.5ohm. They are clear or Smoky Black: nothing fancy to look at. Smoktech 510 DC tanks work with any PG liquid or PG/VG blend, but not a full or dominantly VG liquid owing to its thickness, apparently.

Threading is compatible with eGo and 510 batteries making this a big hit and a hot seller, though not for appearance’s sake. There is nothing elegant about the tank, certainly not the plain black features.

But should you care? Apparently, the 510 DC hardly ever stops working because Smoktech uses 3ohm coils for 1.5ohm resistance, creating extra heat. If your other tanks have sometimes failed, consider switching to Smoktech instead of regularly replacing coils.


Other Items from SmokTech

You might have also seen items like the Mini RDA, Micro GDC, Guardian EPipe, and more. That EPipe looks a lot like a real pipe, which you might find intriguing if this is the first electronic pipe you have ever seen.

The Smok Magneto (now onto version 3) is one of the most popular mechanical mods at a very low price: about $50 to $60.

SMOK Magneto

Reviews show that the Magneto stands up well to many Pinoy mods priced 3 times that amount. A major difference between the Magneto and high-end models is that Smok produces thousands of these while top-priced devices are made in small batches which give their serial numbers value. It can also be extended, making it what you would refer to as a telescopic mod. Use an 18650, 18500, or 18350 battery with the Magneto to change its power and length.

The New Magneto features an upgraded locking ring, a hidden air drain, and is made from 316L Stainless Steel (that is metal of exceptional quality). It measures 73 mm by 22 mm so most regular-sized RBAs and RDAs will sit flush along the top.

Of course, the primary feature — what gives a Magneto its name — is the magnetic firing button. With this design Smok eliminates the wear and tear that plagues spring-loaded firing buttons. Even advanced vapers with high standards frequently turn to Smok realizing that extra cost does not always result in extra value.

Keeping Up with Trends

Where will Smok go from here?

They have constantly expanded their catalogue as new innovations have come along. There is a good chance they are already looking at dry herb and waxy oil cartridges for other types of vaporizers. With variable wattage box mods, it is possible to control temperature precisely, which is what herbal and wax or essential oil vapers need. These materials do not vaporize at the same temperatures and herbs are prone to combustion if they get too hot. Smok mods could easily be used for this crowd of consumers.

They will undoubtedly continue modifying their box mods. These are hugely popular with cloud chasers who are operating devices that provide up to 150W and run at extremely low ohms (almost nothing). The danger with sub-ohm, high-watt setups is overheating and melting circuits. That is why R&D departments spend time testing and developing and re-testing. Companies like Smok, with their strong reputations, do not want to lose face because someone’s vape box caught fire.

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