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Your vaping experience just got a lot curvier, thanks to the release of South Beach Smoke’s latest line of vaporizers. Alongside their first vaporizer (the Air) and traditional cigalikes, South Beach Smoke is now carrying three more products: the Thunder variable voltage device, a Storm e cig, and the Curve. Out of them all, this is the most feminine.

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curveFor Women

The Curve was designed as an eGo for women. Females have had their choice of pink Smoke Stik e cigs, Vapor Couture designs, and Nuvocig starter kits designed for women for a while.

But eGos have not been shaped to reflect the female form until now. The closest eGo manufacturers have come has been when they cover a battery in something glittery or in a flowery pattern. The South Beach Smoke Curve gets rid of the extra packaging, replacing that glitz with a gutsier profile. Women are encouraged to show off their curves.

South Beach Smoke Curve Review

Starter kits for the Curve cost $49.99. In each kit there is a single tank with one built-in atomizer, a battery, and a charger kit. The battery is rated for 650 mAh and 4.2 volts. Tanks hold 2.2 ml and use a bottom coil for the best saturation and leak-proof performance.

Replacements for Curve Parts

Each gently curvy tank costs $9.99 to replace and is available in 8 colors to match battery shades. Resistance is 2.2 ohms. The battery, priced $27.99, features 15-second automatic shut-off to prevent overheating, can be turned on and off, and uses lights to indicate when the battery is due to be charged. This takes up to 3 hours.

The Curve battery fits onto its complementary tank plus all other vaporizer tanks from the South Beach Smoke catalogue. This is a highly compatible set up and since threading is 510, there is every reason to imagine other tanks would fit onto South Beach Smoke vaporizer batteries also. This includes VaporFi tanks from their Pro, Pulse, and Rebel.

South Beach Smoke Custom BuilderCustomize a Vaporizer

If you wish to match your Curve battery and tank right down to the same color, that is fine, but it is also possible to mix colors up so the battery is black and the tank is orange. You could customize your vaporizer, adding a Storm battery to a Curve tank or a Curve battery to a Thunder tank, etc. Add atomizers and liquid to complete your customized vaporizer package.

E Liquid at South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke has covered everything with their product selection, including what to put into your tank. Their e juice menu contains many pre-mixed flavors and the option to customize your juice blend. A 30-ml bottle costs $14.99.

Each flavor description is broken into its two or three flavors. Summer Freshness blends crème de la crème, menthol ice, and lemon, for example. Other choices include Lemon Apple Candy Crush, Blueberry Cheesecake, and loads of fruit, dessert, or tobacco flavors.

Summing Up the Curve

It is clear that the design strategy at Vapor Fi has spilled over to South Beach Smoke. Vapers are becoming too savvy to remain satisfied with regular e cigs for long. As the habit becomes more acceptable, consumers are carrying bigger e cigs around openly and comfortably.

South Beach Smoke (like other top rated e cig companies) has created a plan for long-term survival which satisfies customers in the beginning and continues to serve them at the next level of vaping. The Curve battery, in spite of its womanly beauty, is too expensive by at least $8, but pricing is mostly fair.



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