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V2 refers to their VERTX Plus as a “bold departure from the ordinary.” As far as an electronic cigarette goes, one would have to agree; this is not a typical cigalike. The VERTX and VERTX Plus are both very different from their V2 Classic and EX cousins, but not like the PAX JUUL either. V2 came up with a totally new idea.


This is a relatively high-powered e cig with cartridges that last three times as long as a Classic V2 cartridge: 650 puffs. The Plus offers touch-screen manipulation to change voltage and settings for how bright the lights and screen are. An LED light tells you when to charge.

Like the Pro Series 3-in-1 pen, this V2 invention features a proprietary magnetic connection. The fact that no other batteries could be swapped for a VERTX cartridge or cartridges for a VERTX battery owing to their proprietary connection is a moot point for the time being; there is nothing else like the VERTX.

Magnetic connectors prevent stress at the connecting point so an e cig lasts longer, and there is never a breakdown in communication between power and vapor juice. Threads, on the other hand, wear out.

Vapor will be bigger than mini cig plumes because battery power is also better. A 420mAh battery is about double what you have come to expect from the V2 Classic battery and a more high-tech cell, thanks to years of development in the battery industry. Batteries are more powerful and safer. With pass-through capacity, you don’t necessarily have to pause vaping to charge either.

Distinctive E Cig Style

Both the VERTX and VERTX Plus are angular e cigs. They aren’t longer or bigger than mini cigs but oddly shaped. Moreover, those touch screen controls make buttons a thing of the past. Alter voltage from 3.5V to 4.5V to maintain even, consistent performance. There is a bright battery meter with five small lights along one side against a gray, rose, or black setting. This is reminiscent of the EX battery with its LED battery light indicator.

Swipe the Screen

The original VERTX does not feature a touch screen and this part is a lot of fun. All you do is swipe it to adjust voltage or change how bright you want the screen and other lights to be.

The Kit

A VERTX Plus Kit contains the following items. There is one battery, a charging cord, three cartridges, and a manual. The cord is also magnetically connected to your battery when you want to charge. Again, having no threads means a better connection and less chance of breakage. No other charger will do the job.

A VERTX Plus cartridge sits inside a recessed chamber to fit against the battery neatly, without being prone to damage, and to prevent leakage. That’s important to customers anyway, but in the EU where V2 has a profound following this is a condition of e-cig sales. V2 has taken several of their high-tech Pro Series features and adapted them for a smaller, more geometric shape.

Cartridges can be refilled from the top. They come in all 12 possible V2 propylene glycol (PG) flavors and 5 strengths. With the regular VERTX there are only three choices. Customers buying the Plus can select from a tobacco, menthol, fruit, or gourmet style of pre-filled cartridge. After that, all consumers pick their own e juice for refilling, whether that’s V2 Platinum or another high-PG offering.

Low Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

One important point for V2 customers is that they should not use thick e liquids with their VERTX. Its coil was not designed for sub ohm, high-watt usage. The coil is still a basic system even though it is improved over earlier versions.

PG e liquids are relatively thin. While that reduces vapor potential over what a VG e juice can produce, a greater amount of PG provides more throat hit so you don’t necessarily lose out. There are always pros and cons; this is still a good option for a new vaper.

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