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Instead of running an affiliate program or a rewards system, Vapin Plus does something novel: they set their prices at affordable rates at the get-go. I know this might shock some people, but it’s true. Don’t take my word for it. Feel free to browse their bright, clean, user-friendly website.

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VapinPlus.comVapin Plus Review

Orders of $25 or more qualify for free shipping. That is also, coincidentally, the price of their first starter kit; a 650-mAh bundle.

Some days, long after placing your first order, you might consider waiting until you need more coils for your tanks and double up on your juice order to get the free shipping deal. It will be a while before that battery requires a replacement, but spares are always handy to have around.

Upgrade kits also cost enough to qualify for free shipping, like the $29.99 1100-mAh kit or a 2-pen BDC bundle for $39.99. Their MT3 style glass tank costs $10.99 and a glass 3-ml tank is $13.99. Colored clearomizers are priced just $7.99.

Choose an Adjustable Constant Voltage Battery (a Spinner, in other words) for $21.99 or the kit for $29.98. Juices cost $5.99 for 15 ml. Now for a closer look at the kits and products I’ve only briefly mentioned here.

Starter Bundles at Vapin Plus

Those first two sets come packaged as blister kits with a USB and one full e cig. They are not glamorously packaged in soft cases or even boxed, but there isn’t much stuff to lose. Each battery is black with the Vapin Plus logo in red.

Both batteries feature an LED light at the bottom which acts as your charge-level indicator. Vapin Plus uses a spring-loaded contact which prevents you from wrecking the contact by over-tightening and enables the attachment of tanks from other companies. Does it sound familiar? The Vapin Plus 650-mAh and 1100-mAh batteries are EVODs, also favored by Apollo e cigs.

An ACVB spinner-style product features a 2.5-ml tank and two 15-ml bottles of liquid. Choose the color of tank and flavor of juice you want. Chargers have not been included, so you will have to just add one. Already you save plenty here since the battery and tank alone would cost nearly the entire price of a kit. This one comes as a boxed package, giving you somewhere to put equipment and keep your bundle tidy.

Vapin Plus Logo

Tanks and Clearomizers

Their 2.5-ml tank is glue-free with gasket seals to prevent leaking. Atomizers are replaceable so you can use these tanks many times as long as your chosen flavor is not the tank cracking kind. Since the manufacturers of Vapin Plus don’t use glue, you can vape for a long time and never smell fumes of burning glue which would not only be unpleasant but potentially toxic too. Select plain, purple, red, green, or blue.

The MT3 style tank holds 1.5 ml in its glass tube with a viewing window. Pick up the bigger glass one which is big enough to fit the profile of an ACVB. It also contains enough liquid for a sustained vaping spell.

Replacement Batteries

Your usual price for an 1100-mAh battery is considerably higher than the $16.49 price tag found here. There are blue, camo, pink camo, and red varieties of battery, so you can match a 2.5-ml tank to a suitable partner. If you bought a battery of this size from almost any US company, the cost would be well over $20.

Viper Dry Herb

Vapin Plus promotes vaporizers as alternatives to smoking. The Viper Dry Herb pen is supposedly another way to vape, although if it behaves the way an Atmos RX behaves (the device which inspired the Viper’s look), combustion is possible. Still, this is the shape and model favored by several e cig companies when they choose to branch out into the herbal market. An Orbit-style (by VaporFi) is the other frequent favorite.

Carefully time how long you hold the firing button and keep the temperature below a burning level. You pay just $49.99 for your pen-style device with parts that screw together to form one long, unified-looking unit. The package contains cleaning and packing tools, two filters (glass and mesh), a battery, rubber mouthpiece, and charger.

American E Liquid; Simple Quality

Drip some of this lovely stuff into your MT3: USA-made juice created in an FDA-approved facility and bottled with child safety caps. A needle-nosed cap enables easy, mess-free re-filling. Flavors include Cool Menthol, Blueberry, Cappuccino, and Chocolate with zero, 1.6%, or 2.4% nicotine. Rugged (Cigar) tobacco joins Rich Tobacco as one of their authentic “smoking” flavors, but fruits are popular and preferred on this list. Each nicotine level is featured as a separate item but there aren’t many individual flavors. Mix one or two together at home as a way to create complexity and customize the experience.

Examine the Benefits

Vapin Plus invites readers to read information posted on their site and explore the benefits of switching to vapor. These benefits are countless — from getting rid of ash and smoke to smelling better and being allowed to vape indoors. Vaping costs you less, especially if you are using affordable tanks or clearomizers and liquid. You will have to determine local and business regulations regarding public vaping where you live, but you might be allowed to vape at work or in some restaurants and public establishments.

Vapin Plus is a company accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating. Consider their wholesale prices if you want to distribute Vapin Plus products at your convenience store or from your online shop. They do not appear to offer affiliate marketing possibilities. If these exist, this would be something you ask specifically as a customer since the information is not listed. I can see a lot of people wishing they made money out of their connection with Vapin Plus and lamenting, “if I had ten cents for every person who bought a kit, thanks to my recommendation, I would be rich.”

Shop Online: http://vapinplus.com

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