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You might have seen that a number of e cig corporations are really groups of small companies. Usually they began as the brainchild of a parent business; they were not bought out. That only happens when tobacco giants buy e cig firms. International Vaping Group (IVG) is an e cig parent company, not a tobacco business. They own Eversmoke, South Beach Smoke, Nutricigs, and VaporFi. Vapor Hub International is another.

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Vapor Hub Labels

Their website contains listings of products made by all of the firms they own, shown and sold from the “Hub”: their website. These companies are Flavor Vapor, TAC Mods, and Smokeless Delite. Vapor Hub says they manufacture their own products: I’m not sure about Smokeless Delite, but AR Mods by TAC Mods are certainly made in the USA.

Vapor Hub International Website

Smokeless Delite is not featured here, actually: that’s a whole other class of electronic vaping device sold offsite. Their format is a 3-part mini cig; the outdated mode. It surprises me to still see it listed, and yet there is obviously still a customer base for these. If you are just buying cartridges at Smokeless Delite, these are good value, comparable to some of the best prices out there.

How to Filter your Search

What if you do not know what to look for or how to find it? This is not my favorite website: not quite as clear as some because you could easily be led in circles trying to find products. Just click where it says “shop”: ignore the rest. You will be there all day otherwise. Only people with money to spend on e cig ventures should click where it says “investors,” and even then I would be wary. You don’t know what the FDA has up their sleeve for 2015/16.

There is a filter on the right, not quite at the top. This lets you sort items by price (cheapest to most expensive or highest to lowest), by newness, or by popularity. At Vapor Hub, the most popular items were replacement coils for Kanger tanks and mod batteries by Sony and Samsung. At other places, e juices might take the top spots, or maybe eGo batteries.

It is always interesting to see that different companies attract unique audiences. When you have filters like these, shopping is made easier and more convenient. You know where your priorities start and Vapor Hub lets you browse in relation to your vaping priorities.

Limitless Mods

Maybe not everything at Vapor Hub is out of date. They certainly aim for something unique with their Limitless Mod.

Limitless Mod Copper

This mechanical device has been designed for customization. Shoppers choose a type of metal (aluminum, brass, copper), then also select a sleeve in the color of their choice, plus an atomizer that suits the entire thing.

The copper variety of their Limitless mechanical mod costs $154.85: about twice the price of an aluminum version (but copper is a better conductor, so think about that). Aluminum is lighter and still durable.

All Limitless Mods were built to wear changeable sleeves in colors like diamond blue, gold vein, and hot pink, among others. If your favorite color is out of stock, this fact is shown up front.

Drip Tips

Add to the appearance of this beautiful mod the drip tip of your choice. Vapor Hub carries fancy Dynasty tips, not your usual acrylic throw-away items. These are $30 products which match your sleeves in shades like orange, pink, black and copper, or black and stainless steel. You can create an entire, coordinated package, from mouthpiece to bottom cap. Don’t cheap out when you have come so far.

Vapor Hub e juiceE Liquids at Vapor Hub

Although they sell their own brand of e juice, Vapor Hub also draws other brands into their huddle. The ubiquitous Space Jam is here for $11.95: 5 cents cheaper than in most places. They have Flowbot, the new e juice by Firebrand, 15 ml for the same price as Space Jam which is more than $1 cheaper than Firebrand’s website sells it for.

I can’t argue with this kind of pricing. Binary juice is $9.95 for 15 ml, and there are others: just explore and have a little fun. I guess Vapor Hub knows how to scoop a bargain and pass it along.

Other People’s Devices

Electronics and Tanks are also drawn into the hub such as variable voltage mods. The Tesla, Groove II, Vamo 5, and IPV4 (soon to be released) are all examples. There is the eGo starter kit with two batteries and tanks clearomizers for $39.95: another example of great value.


If you’re an affiliate at Vapor Hub you’re in an enviable position. Their conversion rate is 7.8% and commission is 15%. You get paid after earning $25. The average purchase is valued at $60 with the average ticket price just under $240 (which doesn’t make sense to me unless they’re talking about Vapor Hub’s Limitless and AR Mods particularly, excluding juice).

Anyway, as far as Vapor Hub is concerned, their affiliate program is the most successful. With a 60-day cookie, you don’t have to hang around long to find out and either stick around or get out.

Vapor Hub Story

Vapor Hub’s story begins in Southern California. Their aim has been to create retail locations where people could lounge around and feel like coffee drinkers in relaxed cafes. At the same time, the plan is to become central to vaping in the area with two brick-and-mortar shops.

Shop Online: https://www.vapor-hub.com

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