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I visit a lot of e cig stores online which gives me the chance to compare the good with the bad. Not everything is extreme: really great or terrible. Vapor Kings’ website is somewhere down the middle, at least from my perspective.

Taking their stock, selection, website, and other factors into consideration I would probably give them a 7 (it would take a lot to compete with Vapor Beast, Mount Baker Vapor, and My Vapor Store), but that is still a decent score. There are definitely some lemons out there. Learn more here.

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Vapor Kings since 2009

For about five years, the Kings of Vapor have been turning over stock, building a reputation, developing relationships with customers and manufacturers, deciding what to keep and what has to go. In this business, it does not take long for good stuff to rise to the top, which is where Vapor Kings skimmed for the best gear.

They don’t hold any truck with clones although their list of PVs, mods, and rebuildables combines affordable and high-end products. You don’t even have to look at stuff you can’t afford: just filter your search accordingly.

Since they got started, Vapor Kings has processed more than 200,000 orders online. Their business is not exclusively online, however: you can find them at four retail outlets. They are located at Sand Springs, OK (headquarters), Las Vegas, Nevada and two are open in Tulsa, OK. If you order something by 2pm on a business day, it will be shipped that day and orders over $99 ship free of charge.

vaporkings.comThe Site

It’s dark in here. I find the black background rather tiring to explore and a little depressing. Though done professionally, the appeal I found at sites like the ones I mentioned above just is not present. Vapor Kings is good at organization, though; this part impressed me, and if you like black, you’ll probably love their site.

Trusted Brands

A short list of regular brands includes Aspire, Vision, and Provape. Kanger and JoyeTech are listed too. When you explore the names of expensive brands featured at Vapor Kings, however, you will come across lots of top-class small companies.

Search for Cartel Mods, Kato, Scottua, SMK Mods, Hana Modz, Arra Mods, Brothers in Customs, and GP Customs. With products from these guys (and others), you will hit the $99-mark no problem.

Among e liquid labels, Vapor Kings carries Alloy Blends, Flavorz by Joe, Firebrand Subohm, Liqua Italia, Namber Epiclouds, NicQuid, Halo Purity, Starbuzz, Vape Storm, Scrimshaw Vapors, and Cyber Liquids. That’s not even a full selection but already you can imagine how many flavors and propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratios are available. As you can see by my mention of Liqua Italia, these are not all US-made products, but most of them are.


Use a starter kit to ensure you have parts that fit for a system you want to use. That might be a set by Aspire, Kanger, JoyeTech, or Vision. If anything for a mini cig is listed, it is just parts, no starter sets. These include cartomizers by Kanger and some that are compatible with Green Smoke but only blanks. They also sell KR808 batteries for $4.95 each. You have really got to come here for such parts if you can.

vapor kings new productsNew at Vapor Kings

A decent list of products leads you to juice, hardware, electronics, and parts. Try new cold Fusion e juice, 30 ml for $18, which is very good value. Bottles of Mod Fuel E Juice cost $21.99 for 30 ml which isn’t bad. A Monster VT RTA but Custom Vape, the FreeMax Starre subohm tank, and Vertex Triple 18650 Box Mod ($155.95) all put in an appearance.

Sub Ohm Products

Find your tanks for devices like the KBox and iStick here. Vapor Kings carries tanks by Aspire, High Voltage, JoyeTech, and Kanger, all of them great for box mods and APVs.


Lotus supplies a Vape Case; Smok has the ARO Winder; and Aspire’s CF battery is here in various sizes from 900 mAh to the sub-ohm. You will also see the eGo-C Twist 650 and other user-friendly cells.

When an item is on sale, the price is listed in yellow. If it’s in stock, they sometimes state as much in green which makes me wonder if these items were recently out of stock. At first, this led me to conclude, by process of elimination, that an absence of color meant the item was out of stock, but this is stated in red.


We are not talking about rebuildable atomizers in this case but the kinds you use with Joye 510 e cigs or a DSE901. When you want RBAs, go to the section which indicates RBAs for new vapers or high end RBAs.

Mods, RBAs, and More

All of these are organized in a similar way so you don’t depress yourself gazing at stuff that is too hard to use right now or is out of your price range. High end items include the Hana Modz, Hu Man Fog Machine Hex Ohm 110W mod, Joye eVic Supreme, and VaporShark mod.

They also show the iTaste MVP 3.0 here and that’s an affordable option, so maybe it is best not to limit yourself too much. Then again, sight of the Givo by Arra Mods for $266 and a Chi You 26650 for $266 as well could put you off your lunch.

Their dripping and rebuildable atomizers include the Grand Vapor Trident V2, Aqua V2 RTA, Lancia RDA, and SvoeMesto Kayfun.

Vapor Kings Overall

When a company takes time to let you know a product is in stock or isn’t in stock right on page one, I feel grateful. That saves time. I also appreciate their color coding: that makes a change. As for their selection, it’s bewilderingly large and spread out. I was surprised to find they have anything in their stock to do with miniature e cigs, but it shows that Vapor Kings cares about every customer regardless of his budget or abilities.

Shop Online: https://www.vaporkings.com

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