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VaporFi (Formerly Vapor Zone) creates an excellent line of advanced personal vaporizers, e-cigarette juice, and they carry a nice e-cig line, so they cover all the bases.

Perhaps most impressive is the number of battery options they carry.  They carry the popular tank models as well as a “Rebel” which is variable voltage and allows you to dial in the characteristics to customize your smoking experience.

Stand Out Aspects

  • Over 30,000 flavors of US made e juice
  • Best priced cigalike starter kit @ $30
  • Amazing selection of tanks
  • Vast selection of eGo style batteries/vape systems
  • Starter kits for every battery ALONG WITH their own Custom Vaporizer Builder
  • 50 Watt Box Mod – Best On The Market
  • All the rebuildable parts you need
  • Excellent customer service and warranty programs

Basically they are your one stop shop for everything vaping!


Product Examples

Here’s a couple examples of their products:

Volt Hybrid Tank

VaporFi™ Volt Hybrid Tank

Rebel II APV

Rebel ii display

Express E-Cig

VaporFi Express e cig

VOX Mod and Bolt RDA kit

VOX Starter Kit

As you can see, they not only have something for every type of vaper, but a beautiful selection at that!

“Vapor Fidelity” – this is the concept upon which they created their company name, and clearly it shows, as they are continually staying ahead of the curve in the ecig and vaping world.

There isn’t  a more unique, well-rounded company out there right now in this niche.  When you want a powerful vape, their batteries simply deliver like none other.

When you want a custom e-juice, you can create your own blend.

That’s right, they allow you to mix up to three flavors they carry in their gigantic roster, giving you over 30,000 mouth-watering nicotine juice blends to choose from.



VaporFi is an all-American electronic cigarettes brand. The brand offers highly innovative sleekly designed electronic cigarettes, the purest e-liquid (made exclusively in the US) and plenty of other accessories to go along with their e-cig starter kits.

They carry an unprecedented combination of choices that is unmatched in the industry. First off, they have your basic starter kit with standard sized e-cigs. Next they have an incredible selection of modded e cigs and tanks. On top of that, they have a massive selection of e-juice, and you can even have your own custom blend made!

Check out their awesome selection at their site: http://vaporfi.com



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VaporZone has become VaporFi, a name signifying change, but not within the company or its product line. Since its introduction, a few changes have been made, mostly in their starter kit section. A handful of e liquids have been added. In the main, VaporFi is the company you have grown to love under its old name so don’t worry: customer accounts, loyalty points, and product quality remain untouched.

VaporFi BannerChange of Perspective

A vapor zone is a place where one vapes among like-minded individuals. It’s a state of mind. But as a title, the company was unconvinced that it reflected their values: devotion to customers’ needs as they begin vaping and when they search for a device that gives them everything they are familiar with in a cigarette except a lethal cocktail of chemicals.

“Fi” comes from the word “fidelity,” meaning loyalty. The term also describes something that tries to remain close to an original concept: in this case, a cigarette. VaporFi, as a title, reflects commitment to customer loyalty and an authentic “smoking” experience.

VaporFi Review

Yet, after the Express, all VaporFi e cig products appear too technical; too modern to be analogs. Everything about them is artistic but practical: advanced but easy to operate. As you journey through the stages represented by these products, their simplicity gives way to cool features, and they look almost nothing like cigarettes. Only the action of puffing is still the same.

E-Cig Design

VaporZone Electronic Cigarette

A typical e-cigarette has three parts; the cartomizer, the atomizer and the battery. The cartomizer holds flavored e-liquid, the atomizer heats the same e-liquid and vaporizes it, whereas the battery supplies power and keeps the e-cig functional.

VaporZone’s electronic cigarettes are uniquely designed and happen to be one of the most stylish and sleekly designed e-cigs you can get your hands on.

Starter Kits

VaporZone offers 7 different starter kits. From basic ones (Express and Air), to the mid level eGo style Pro (with 3 versions), to high end ones (Pulse and Rebel), there is a kit suitable for every type of user.

All the kits fall between the $29.99 – $179.99 price range. The cheapest available is the Express, which is priced at $29.99, while the most expensive one is the Rebel. The latter will cost you $179.99. All the kits offered differ in terms of their product offerings; the more expensive, the higher the number of products you will get.

Now if you are new to vaping, you’ll want to see the selection they offer, for it is  world class quality, and we are loving their products. They have taken it to a new level, particularly with their tank systems and e-cig mods, nevermind their ridiculous selection of flavors.

The Express Kit comes with a regular looking e-cig like pictured above.

5-Type Devices, 7 Starter Kits

The five remaining electronic cigarettes from VaporFi are the Express, Pro, Air, Rebel, and Pulse. One is an eGo-style vapor stick. Two are more advanced. Two others are for vapers in the early stages of vaping. Even the most complex unit (Rebel) is easy to use.

Express Vaping

An Express Starter Kit comes with 2 batteries (180 mAh and 280 mAh) colored white with stripes to resemble real cigarettes. Cartomizers are the same color. A cartomizer combines the cartridge with a heating element so its life expectancy is tied in with the life expectancy of the atomizer.

VaporFi Express Kit

Cartomizers are not supplied but must be purchased separately. You can opt for blank ones or pre-filled cartomizers. Lots of e liquid is available as you will see later on. Instead of juice, VaporFi loads the starter kit with electronic necessities like a USB charger and the wall adapter for when there isn’t a computer port to charge your battery.

Go Pro

You can be a Noob and still become a pro with the VaporFi Pro eGo-style vapor pen. It’s only a little longer and thicker than an Express, but there are plenty more possibilities. For one thing, you can attach several different clearomizers, including the Platinum. Several colors of Pro make this an attractive alternative to the plain white Express: blue, pink, orange, etc. Select a single color scheme or create a combo. A viewing window shows how much e liquid is left in the matching tank.

VaporFi Pro Kit

The Pro Series starts at $49.99 but comes in three formats: Black, Colors, or Platinum. Two battery sizes are available so you can vape for a whole day or the weekend on one charge.

VaporFi Air

They don’t come much smaller or unassuming than the VaporFi Air. It’s got the flat shape of a canister for holding mechanical pencil refills in just two possible colors: black or white. With a 350-mAh battery, there is more power than a cigalike without the relative bulk of an eGo.

Pulse APVs

Usually, your choices of charging devices are standard: a USB charger, car charger, portable charging case, and wall adapter. Not at VaporFi: they have added a twist with their Pulse vaporizer. You have heard of e cig stands, but this one works as a charger too. The wireless circular charger accompanies your batteries, clearomizers, and charging kit.

VaporFi Pulse Kit

Become a Rebel

The Rebel is VaporFi’s most advanced unit. There’s no reason to suspect anything better will or should come along either. This is where the buck stops. A Rebel provides the advantages of an APV, such as voltage adjustment, but also the stunning looks of a mechanical mod. Its blue screen is big and easy to read.

VaporZone Rebel Kit

Fill your Tank with E Liquid at VaporFi

Vaping is mostly about finding the best e liquid and a device capable of creating tasty vapor. When VaporFi was still VaporZone, the company released a TV commercial that got people talking about their e liquid and their unconventional approach to the e liquid business.

Other companies had been offering DIY e liquid before. They blended custom juices for their clients all the time. VaporFi juice stands out for a few reasons. One is quality. VaporFi uses ingredients made in the USA, blends their juices in the US, and uses only high-quality ingredients. They are kosher and USP-grade.

VaporFi E-Liquid

VaporFi claims that there are more than 30,000 possible variations on their flavors with the three-flavor mixture option. Some customers will double a flavor and add one extra to create a bottom note. Others will select three flavors complementary to one another.

Numerous pre-existing choices make good sense as flavor bases and will stick in one’s mind as ingredients in baked goods they enjoy, smoothies, or tobacco styles they have tried. Some mixtures will be inspired by food; others by complex e liquids already in existence elsewhere.

Select up to a very strong 36-mg nicotine juice or get rid of nicotine completely. Choose an American or exotic tobacco; a traditional or super-cool menthol. Take the calories out of dessert with a cake, candy, or cookie vape. Choose a refreshing, juicy drink or intoxicating cocktail without the intoxication. Some flavors remind vapers of seasons and celebrations.

Consumers who buy the Express E Cig for its similarities to analog cigarettes will notice another similarity besides its diameter and length: flavor shortage. Regular cigarettes don’t feature a huge menu of choices, and neither do the pre-filled cartridges. Just 5 flavors are available: menthol, tobacco, vanilla, cherry, and chocolate. A five-pack costs $14.99, which is exactly what a 30-ml bottle of e liquid costs. It’s a good thing VaporFi makes blanks.


Vaporfi's Flavor MenuE-Cig Juice Flavors

VaporFi offers a very unique mix of flavors in a lot of variety. Not only can users decide the flavors they want but they can also choose the nicotine strength of their cartridges.

Some of the flavors available are:

  • Peaches n’ Cream (peach and cream)
  • Juicy fruit (mix of watermelon and strawberry)
  • Blended mojito (rum + lime+ mint)
  • Berry bash (strawberry plus blueberry plus raspberry)
  • Creamsicle (orange plus vanilla)
  • Blueberry cheesecake (cheesecake plus blueberry)
  • Double apple hookah (green apple plus red apple plus hookah)

The coolest thing about their e-liquid flavors is that they are customizable, so you can mix flavors and have them made specific for you!

Vaporfi e liquid sampler


Battery Life And Vaping

VaporFi offers standard and high capacity batteries. The standard battery, after first and full recharge, will give you 4-6 hours of battery life, depending on frequency of use. On the other hand, the high capacity batteries will tend to last much longer. However, the correlation between battery life and your usage is directly proportional.

With regards to vaping and smoke volume, since VaporFi offers e-liquid made using high manufacturing standards and high quality ingredients, as well as high powered devices, the smoke volume is nice and much more as compared to an average e-cig brand.

All of their upgraded e-cigs and tank systems have increased power over a standard cigalike, and the Rebel has variable voltage, and essentially a mini computer inside, with all the options you could wish for.

Here’s What The Pulse Looks Like As It Charges

Pulse Charging



How To Get VaporFi’s E-Cigs?

Their products can be purchased from the company’s official website. In order to start smoking electronically, users will have to get one of the starter kits offered by the company, and make sure to get one of the flavor of e cig juice options. Moreover, anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to get the company’s products.

Warranty And Refund

VaporFi offers 30 day money back guarantee on the purchases you make and lifetime warranty on all of its products. You may also enroll in the company’s Home Delivery Program for additional benefits, such as 10% off future purchases.


VaporZone is an e-cig brand recommended for anyone who wants to try electronic smoking, or looking to step it up into the modded e-cig world, with tons of awesome options.


If You Decide To Make A Purchase From Vaporfi

We’ve listed the coupon codes once more to save you some money!


Save 12% On Starter Kits and Hardware

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Buy 3 E-Liquids – Get 1 Free

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 To receive the e-juice discount, make sure to add 4 e-liquids to the cart after activating this coupon, and you’ll see the discount in the cart.

Free Shipping On Orders $100 Or More

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Shop Online: http://vaporfi.com



VaporFi VOX 50 Watt Box Mod


Conclusion Rating
5 stars

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  • Jim says:
    5 stars

    Excellent stuff! I’ve tried 3 of their products, each one was what I was looking for, from when I first started, to when I wanted something with more power that had a longer battery life, and I am loving checking out the various flavors

  • Sara says:
    5 stars

    I am leaving the same comment again, since I forgot to select a star rating on my comment, so you can delete the other one or whatever.

    I just recently learned about vaping, and came across this brand, I guess after they were called ‘Vapor Zone’, and got the basic kit called the express, and some blank cartridges and flavors, these are pretty amazing, I never believed my friends when they said vaping was comparable to smoking, but for me its even better, no more smoke stench!

  • Bryan Ledoux says:
    5 stars

    Excellent review. I trust you more as a .org web site. I generally don’t trust .com e gig review sites because they are often biased or are directly or indirectly connected to an e cig company.

    Please stay .org. Thanks.

  • Sarah says:

    Hey Guys, I love your site!

    OMG I went by your review here and decided to give Vaporfi a try…wow I am in love with them, not only my new Pro 2, but I had a question for customer service, and they were really responsive, and it just made me feel good about this company….and Og Em Gee all the vapor fluids they have to choose from, I will never be able to try them all haha.

    Anyways, I wanted to say something on this page about them, and also thank you guys for the recommendation.

    Oh, I have not smoked a cigarette in 2 days either, amazing!

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