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The latest and possibly greatest 50 watt box mod to come onto the e cig scene is the Vapor Fi VOX 50 Mod. It is one of the classiest items around; so sleek you will feel classier just holding it in your hands.


Take it out at every opportunity; don’t try to be a discrete vaper. With the VaporFi VOX 50 Mod you will want to stand out even though it is small enough to fit into your pants pocket.

You will see that it allows sub ohm vaping down to 0.2 ohm resistance.


Here is the full list of specs taken from the website:

VOX 50 specs

Available at: https://www.vaporfi.com


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vox50New Attraction

What’s so special about this new product?

VaporFi has always had a knack for doing great things with hardware, both internally and externally. This compact box mod measures 95mm in length yet boasts an easy-to-read OLED screen.

Along with a 50-watt maximum the voltage range is 3 to 8.5 and sub-ohms in the extreme: 0.2 to 3ohms. The screen shows you everything.

Compatible Technology

Do you own a tank you really like and hope to continue using the same model with the VaporFi VOX 50? You can attach most of the tanks sold by VaporFi and others too: Kanger Aerotanks, the Aspire Nautilus, and others.

Automatically Excellent

Vapers love advanced box mods like this one for several reasons. They automatically read the resistance of whatever coil you attach so that when you select a wattage level, the internal chip selects voltage appropriate for that resistance.

Safety in Your Hands

A VaporFi VOX 50 Mod also protects itself from harm caused by putting a battery in wrong way round, a battery dropping to dangerous low voltage, low resistance, and a shorted circuit.

If any of these things happen the screen will show a warning and in some cases the box will turn itself off. There is a locking ring so you can switch off the VaporFi to prevent accidentally firing it up in your pocket.


Do you know why a battery casing should be vented (or did you know that?) Venting prevents a build-up of fumes which can occur at high temperatures. This is one way of preventing your unit from overheating. The computer chip also runs at a low temperature and detects an over-heating battery, shutting you down when needed.

Starter Kit

They have also created a starter kit with a beautiful RBA that matches the VOX:



This kit comes with a real nice rebuildable atomizer, the battery needed for operation, and all the extra parts needed to rebuild your coils.

They stand by this machine with a full 6 month warranty!

Buy the VOX

To secure a VOX for your personal collection of vaping devices, pre-order it from VaporFi by logging on to their website or walking into a store (they have loads of them available in Florida and several other states with others still to come). The price is $199.99.

Sub Ohm Vape Tank Option

Vaporfi has recently released the Volt Hybrid tank, and for a limited time, they are giving away a free bottle of e-juice with every order:

Free E Juice With Volt


The Volt tank is compatible with the VOX.

Other compatible Vaporfi Tanks for the VOX:

VOX 50 Mod Tanks


High Cost of Vaping

Put that price in perspective. There are other mods of a similar kind selling for $100. Why won’t you buy one of those instead? Here are some reasons to ponder.

Firstly, no device looks like the VaporFi VOX 50. It has elegance and charm with a bit of futuristic excitement thrown in.


Secondly, VaporFi backs their products and supports their clients. Besides, $199.99 amounts to a lot of loyalty points. **Use our discounts below and save $24 on the VOX, or $30 on the kit.

Thirdly, customers have been relying on VaporFi products for a couple of years now and have come to the conclusion that they design quality products.

Finally, you can replace the battery. Several other mods have this feature, but numerous mods come with built-in batteries. You want to be able to replace this power tube when it dies so that VOX itself can be your favorite vaping tool for years to come (or until VaporFi gets crafty and comes up with something even better). Not only that, but with the VOX you can by-pass the battery during charging.

Feeding the VOX

When you need to fill the tank, VaporFi has you covered. They make their own juice in the United States using top quality ingredients and super-safe methods. Flavors cover every possible style: desserts, drinks, fruits, and tobacco for instance. Besides, but after paying $200 for a mod, $14.99 for 30 ml of e-liquid is a savings you will appreciate.


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Shop Online: http://vaporfi.com



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