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The Vikings in this Viking Vapor review are the ones behind 100+ flavors of e liquid. That’s all they sell. Consequently, customers can expect the company to put all of its efforts into making the best e juice available to vapers across the United States; vapers shopping online from a guy named Larry Knudson.

Family Fortunes

Knudson is the owner and operator of this family-run business. Vapers have loads of great things to say about him, and that personal rapport makes a huge difference to business. He responds quickly to enquiries and makes customers feel respected.

Flavorful Foundations

A lot of his juices, as usual, are fruit flavors. He also sells Tobacco, Dessert, Beverages, and Signature Series. They all cost $9.95 per 30mls, $5.95 for 15mls, or $2.99 for 7.5mls: weird divisions, but good prices. They come in 0 to 36mg strengths.


A sample from this series includes Peanut Butter, Black Walnut, Apple Smoke, and Hawaiian Mesquite. I like that almost all of these are a little bit different from the usual. Peanut Butter is the exception.


Tobacco lists do not tend to be very long. Vapers really like sweet vapor. Here there are items like light, rich, and menthol tobacco and Virginia Fire Cured.


Line up for some lovely desserts: not innovative, but wisely included on VV’s long menu. Chocolate and Chocolate Mint juices make the grade. So does Toffee Mint and a firm favorite, Cinnamon Bun. An entire section is also given over to vanilla vapes.


When it comes to beverage flavors, a person’s mind instantly goes to hot, carbonated, or alcoholic drinks. I was thinking of pop, like Root Beer which is listed at VV. Champagne also sounds wonderful. As a coffee lover, I just hope their Keoke Coffee tastes like coffee.

Flavor Opinions

E liquids from VV tend to get good reviews, especially Raspberry Italian Cream Soda and Pina Colada. Cherry Cola is another fan favorite.

Sometimes items fail to impress. On a list this long, blah ratings are inevitable at some point. Blueberry and Orange Cream get lower scores.



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