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Hawaii has added another name to the electronic cigarette market: Volcano E Cigs. While this is an apt moniker considering the firm’s location, the power of these cigs varies from a little spurt of heat to a really powerful tube tank system. Starter kits accommodate moderate smokers and heavy smokers making the switch from real tobacco to vaping.

These guys are a nice solid brand of electronic cigarettes, with something for everyone, whether you are brand new, or looking for something more advanced to take your vaping to the next level.



Official Website: http://volcanoecigs.com


Volcano E-Cigs Coupon Codes

Please visit http://www.couponreveal.com to renew your license
Please visit http://www.couponreveal.com to renew your license



If you’re new to the vaping scene (vaping is the term used for ‘smoking’ within the vaping community), you may want a standard sized e-cig, and you’ll want to get a starter kit. The Volcano Magma kit would be for you.

Pictured here is their Magma Starter kit. It’s quite a nice kit, and the M-Pack is a nice touch!

Volcano Magma Starter Kit

Volcano has a very straight forward basic e-cig. The tobacco flavor, which is the main flavor we initially reviewed, is a bit subtle, as in not a very pronounced taste. It does have a nice taste, but it’s not very strong. If you like a subtle taste this may be a good match for you.

This can be a big thing for heavy smokers who don’t have the best taste buds. It is similar to the V2 red flavor (our favorite flavor in the world), but weaker.

If you are an advanced e-cigarette smoker, you’ll fall in love with the Volcano LavaTube.




This is one of the most advanced e-cig batteries you can buy.  It’s a variable voltage battery, which gives you FULL control of how much vapor you want to draw from the device.

Simply put, there aren’t many batteries that compare with this and if you are an advanced user this is one of the best options for you.


Being a review site that has tried hundreds of different e-cigs, we like to point our readers towards well matched recommendations.

If you’re looking up advanced vaporizers and upgraded e-cigs, and the world of electronic cigarette liquids, be sure to also check out our Vaporfi review here.


Four Starter Kits

The four kits from Volcano are their self-named starter, Magma, Inferno, and Lavatube. They go up in power and strength, with the last of these featuring tremendous battery strength and vapor capacity.

This is the Inferno:

Volcano Inferno Starter Kit

Individualize your kit by choosing black or white, a flavor your taste buds will like, and the nicotine strength you are used to: low, medium, or full strength. Zero nicotine is available.

Cartomizers: Heating the Lava

One reviewer was happy to see that Volcano e cigs use cartomizers which combine heating and nicotine cartridges in one.

This way, the heating center changes regularly for effective vaping but it also means there is no left over smell or taste from previous cartridges.

So, if you switched from Kona Coffee to Milk Chocolate, the residue of java does not interfere with the sweetness of cocoa.

Volcano Tobacco Flavor

Volcano E Liquids

One bottle of e liquid is roughly the same as buying a carton of cigarettes, which is a good thing since each bottle costs more than $10. You only need a little at a time to refill cartridges or, in the case of Lavatube kits, tube tanks.

Flavors are a great mixture of interesting ideas and old favorites, and they are given exotic names thanks to the Hawaiian locale of the business. Apart from coffee and chocolate they sell vanilla, coconut, cherry, as well as menthol and tobacco flavors.

The list is actually a lot longer than this and there are also limited edition flavors to keep an eye out for. Each week a featured e liquid is discounted.


Saving More Money

You can find cheaper kits out there, and the warranty is only 1 year on electronic parts. Still, when looking at websites for electronic cigarettes there are other ways to make e smoking work for you economically.

Volcano offers points and rewards. The company also has a clearance section. You just have to return to the site regularly so as not to miss any short-term offers, but if you become a regular customer you are sure to get updates via email.

E-Smoking Accessories

If you become a really loyal follower of Volcano, buy some of their fun accessories to add to your e cigs, cig case, and wherever else you feel like promoting the habit. Stickers, t-shirts, and other items go along with practical items every smoker needs like batteries and tanks.

One reason you might promote Volcano is out of patriotism: their cartomizers are made in the U.S.A.

Visit: http://volcanoecigs.com



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