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Zamplebox was the first subscription service for vapers wanting to try various e juices without paying full price to experiment. It’s hard for consumers in Oregon and Nebraska to get to a vape lounge after all. Zamplebox hails from Redmond, Washington, a long way from the heart of e liquid: Southern California.

Their selection, however, includes a lot of Californian products and has also included some international ones. If you want to know the brands they carry today, take a look at their popular Facebook page which shows they have earned more than 25,500 likes.

Official Website: http://zamplebox.com

Zamplebox juicesJuices at Zamplebox

Since you can only buy two 30-ml bottles on the Zamplebox general shopping page open to non-members, most brands are not listed on their website. Use Facebook to explore labels. You will see Cyclops, Strix Elixirs, the People’s Vape, Days Vape, and G2.

Zamplebox has liquids by Seduce Juice, Nebbio, Victory Liquid, Alpha Vape, and Lick. Their e liquids usually range from 50/50 to 70/30 vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol. A series of 0-mg and 6-mg liquids are high-VG juices and they plan to add more high-VG varieties to the other nicotine levels as well.

Zamplebox Review: the Subscription Process

I read somewhere that Zamplebox is planning to update their selection process so you can specifically ask for fruits, chocolate vapes, custard-style e juice, and other styles. Right now they only ask if you want tobacco, menthol, both, or neither. That’s not much of a choice since the non-tobacco/menthol e liquids encompass a huge range of flavors.

You will be asked to indicate if you are new to vaping, an intermediate e cig user, or advanced. This will influence the VG/PG ratio. Many experienced vapers use RDAs and prefer the big clouds from high-VG juice.

Choose a level from 2: one featuring 6 bottles per month or the one with 11 bottles per month. The 6-bottle arrangement gives you 60 ml to 100 ml of e liquid every time for $24.99 monthly. The second program provides 120 ml to 180 ml of liquid for $44.99 monthly. There is no obligation to re-order every month. Customers can and often do opt to drop out after a single delivery, disappointed that so much of the e liquid they received was not to their liking.

Zamplebox FamilyThe Community

Zamplebox, founded by Tony, was started as a means of reducing the price of e juice. If you have seen the price of some other subscription services, you might have noticed how cheap Zamplebox is: $24.99 for 6 bottles is an excellent price since the average size of each bottle is 15 ml.

With a program like this one you can sample new juices, enjoy the excitement and anticipation of regular but surprise deliveries, and take your chances. At Zamplebox, though, they promote the notion of being part of a community as much as the financial benefits and thrills inherent in this system.

Their community sure is big looking at their “likes” on Facebook: 25,500 is a huge number and growing. They encourage the community element in part by running contests which engage members and tempt customers. It seems that their marketing methods are effective, but Zamplebox has some stiff competition.

Competition for Zamplebox

You’ve see the format elsewhere by now. A business offers you various packages from 2 bottles to as many as 6 bottles for a monthly subscription fee and no obligation. Actually, there is at least one firm that presents a lower monthly fee if you choose to subscribe for a minimum number of months, but they can’t beat the price at Zamplebox.

What can these firms offer that Zamplebox does not?

They give customers a way to narrow the likely choice of e juices they will receive. For instance, you will be asked which flavors you really like so as to receive only those and not the ones you really hate. There is always the chance that a juice will surprise you; that a tobacco will please the tobacco hater with a sweet taste she was not expecting, or that a creamy vape will be enjoyable in spite of your dislike of cream vapes generally. With an open mind, you will discover many new flavors, but most of those will fall into your preference profile.

One company asks customers to select the types of e juices they really like from a wide array of categories including fruits, desserts, nuts, mint/menthol, and more. They also ask which flavors you consider disgusting, presumably to prevent sending you a choice that crosses from a favored category into one you don’t like.

By being specific, such companies are less likely to send out the bottles e juice makers just wanted off of their hands. They have to charge more as a result. Since Zamplebox so far presents a too-wide choice, your box could contain a number of cast-offs — juices the company couldn’t get rid of in the conventional way. These are still going to be high-quality, top-of-the-line products, but even top-of-the-line brands have their least-sold category.

Yet, this is how the price stays low, so there is give and take in the arrangement. Besides, if you and your friends or colleagues are all signed up for a juice subscription, there are bound to be times when you can swap flavors.

Here’s some of the vendors they distribute:

Zamplebox brands

The Future for Zamplebox

Will a change in the Zamplebox system cause prices to rise? That’s a serious possibility. Will they be able to compete if this happens? Absolutely: Zamplebox was the first and has made a name delivering boxes of assorted products to vapers. They also carry hardware like a PV and a DNA30 Box Mod like the Hana Mod, but cheaper. Their members can shop for more items and receive coupons for further savings.

Even if their prices go up, Zamplebox was already pretty cheap. They can afford to raise their prices a little bit, but I don’t think they will become pricier than the others. Their community is too well-established and successful for that.

Check them out at: http://zamplebox.com

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