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South Beach Smoke makes one of the most affordable e-cigs on the market, and we worked out a couple promo codes with them for you to save some nice cash with your purchase.


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South Beach Smoke Products*Extra Savings*

If you choose to enroll in their home delivery program, you’ll not only benefit from the low prices, but you’ll get even more preferred pricing since you make their life easy by being on an automatic delivery schedule.

One of our contributors is on this and it works so well, he can set his watch to his next delivery of cartridges, which is pretty amazing.


If celebrity endorsements were all you needed to prove the worth of an electronic vaping device (or anything from cheese to socks), South Beach Smoke could bank on their famous fans. People like Katherine Heigl, Uma Thurman, and Mel Gibson have been seen making the switch from cigarettes to e-cigs using this brand.

They are joined by loads of others. Who knows if they like other cigs as well or have moved along to eGos and mods?

Lots of people smoke one thing at home and something else in public, so they could be fans of other brands at the same time. All that matters is those pictures in the news depicting celebrities with a South Beach Smoke e-cig between their lips. Articles in major media locations don’t hurt either.

Flavors from South Beach Smoke

It might be worth getting the issue flavors out the way because it is such a disappointing aspect of the review. Quite a few people do not like them — any of them. Of course, lots of people do like them, or their sales levels indicate as much. You don’t last the way South Beach Smoke does without having some appeal in this department.

Because of the threading (KR808D-2), it will be hard to find a compatible alternative if you dislike South Beach Smoke tastes but love their batteries. If you manage to find another cartridge or use an adaptor, the battery is so powerful it might burn liquid in other cartridges anyway.

Just a note: six more flavors have been added to the existing 10. The originals include vanilla, menthol, chocolate, three types of tobacco (Golden, Classic, and Blue), and peppermint. The new types are watermelon, orange mint, tobacco mint (isn’t that menthol?), Frank’s lemon lime (an unusual and appealing addition), double apple hookah, and grape hookah.

If you did not like the variety before, these additions could make a change for the better. At the very least, additional flavors keep current customers from moving away to find new tastes to try, for a while anyway.

South Beach Smoke Review: Now for the Positives

With that out of the way, you can move on to the battery. That KR808 with 4.2volt output is fantastically powerful for a cigalike. Each battery with its cartridge is made to look like an authentic cigarette. “Cigarette paper” white is combined with the yellow-orange of a cartridge, its flavor distinguished by a ring of color.

South Beach Smoke Starter Kits

The Deluxe Starter Kit from South Beach Smoke comes with two batteries, ten nicotine cartridges, and the charging set (USB and wall adaptor) for $59.99. A Deluxe Plus Starter Kit comes with a power cig (needs no battery), car adaptor, and a case as well for $89.99.

Although it is debatable if you require this much in a starter kit (which only needs to have the two batteries and chargers plus some cartridges for a beginner), customers definitely receive more than $30 worth of goods for the additional cost.


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For many consumers, a disposable electronic cigarette will be their first introduction to vaping. This is a one-piece unit: no screws, no way to take it apart unless you use a saw and risk breaking the battery open. Just don’t. Leave it alone, or better yet, put it in a battery recycling bin.

There is no one disposable option here although you are likely to find them sold by distributors individually. I would skip that step and stick with online sales, even if you only want one. Buy the three-pack and hand the other two out to other would-be ex-smokers. If a pack of three costs $11.99, that is not something to pass up. Each one would be sold for that much at a gas station.

Packages of 8 cost $22.49. A set of 12 will set you back $29.99. I have never seen pricing like this, and if the stats on this page are correct, each disposable is worth two packages of cigarettes. Not only do you save money by purchasing from South Beach Smoke instead of the competition in the first place, but smoking is definitely more expensive.

South Beach Smoke Accessories

You can buy a kit, select disposables, or create your own starters’ collection by picking and choosing the necessary elements, but there will be a problem. Cartridges are not sold in packs of five unless you want the new ones. Regular flavors like vanilla and chocolate are offered at a minimum of 15 for $39.99.

New cartridges like grape hookah sell for $14.99, each case containing 5 cartridges. That is pretty standard and not the best. Many other firms are undercutting that amount no matter how ordinary it sounds or how much you save by switching to vaping, away from smoking.

This point, by way, does have its detractors. Certain people say they vape more than they ever smoked while cartridges do not always last as long as projected. Savings calculators base their findings on claims around how long cartridges and batteries last, not the real life results as discovered by customers. They sometimes have worse experiences, but also enjoy better results than claims suggested.

Compiling an e-cig starter kit will not be easy if you want a traditional flavor. Additional items include the Power Cig for $14.99, USB and car adaptors for $7.99, and a Portable Charging case for $49.99. Combine these figures and you can see it is a lot more expensive to be clever and collect pieces on your own. Shipping costs, however, are cheaper (potentially free) if you order enough stuff at once.

South Beach Smoke Extras

Now for the extra features, standards from e-cig companies of all sizes. Refer a friend for rewards. Become an affiliate: a marketer selling South Beach Smoke products at work, among your family, and to friends who want to quit smoking. South Beach Smoke e-cigs are not quit-smoking devices per se, or at least they cannot be marketed as such. They sure seem to help people give up their cigarettes though.

More on South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke belongs to the IVG or International Vapor Group. This corporation also owns Eversmoke and Vapor Fi. South Beach Smoke is a Florida-based company.

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