Supersmoker Combines an E-Cigarette With A Bluetooth

As if electronic cigarettes in their own right are not newsworthy enough, particularly the latest innovations in vapor production and leak proof tanks, the Dutch have gone one better. They have created something totally different, yet not; a product that blends familiar technologies into one unit which is completely unexpected and garnering divided reviews.

Supersmoker Bluetooth Review

This item is called the Supersmoker Bluetooth, a misnomer because the product is for vapers. Vaping is not the same as smoking, but putting that aside, consider the item itself that was developed in Holland. It is one part electronic cigarette, one part phone.

How Does It Work?

The Supersmoker Bluetooth contains a microphone and speaker and connects wirelessly to a Smart Phone or tablet, whichever you have. With this device, you can make phone calls and receive calls while vaping, just as you would with a hands-free Bluetooth accessory or a cell phone (sans keys.)

Tiny Technology

Take a look at the Supersmoker Bluetooth when you get a chance: it’s very new, but pictures are spreading across the internet quickly. The device is no bigger than a usual electronic cig: the length and width of a ballpoint pen. It is available in black, gold, or silver, so the looks are stylish, classic, and discrete.

All of the technology in this wonder is tiny because it has to be. They say the only thing stopping high-tech devices from getting smaller is that our fingers would be too big for tinier buttons, and this provides proof of how small a phone can really be.

How to Use a Supersmoker Bluetooth

There are three buttons on this device. Users press the middle one to start a call and press it again to finish their call. That’s it. It comes with a sucker and a keychain so you can place it or hang it wherever you need while talking if you are not currently vaping.

Attitudes to Holland’s E Cig Export

Some people are just amazed that they can do yet such a fun thing with their e cig or that a phone can be so skinny and still work. They might balk at the price — $117 — but are otherwise impressed.

Still other reviewers feel it is a waste of technology. Why not spend their time coming up with better vaping pens, ways to make tiny batteries hold their charge longer, or anything else besides this? Will you really vape and talk at the same time? Actually, you probably will.

Two Activities that Go Together Naturally

If you ask smokers what they are usually doing when they light up a cigarette, they are often on the phone. It is automatic; they dial, or answer, and light up. The same is true of vapers whose smoking habits carry into their lives as usual.

Yet, how is one to do both things simultaneously? Time will tell if this turns out to be a practical device. Numerous people around the globe will be trying this item and reporting their findings in the coming days, so stay tuned. Maybe next time the Dutch will add a TV.


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